Shiv Sena today attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the issue of ceasefire violations by Pakistan, saying he should focus on stopping the ‘atrocities’ by the neighbouring country and not Maharashtra politics.

Claiming that Pakistan has been emboldened by government’s failure to take ‘firm’ steps against the cross-border firing and shelling, the BJP’s erstwhile ally took a pot-shot at Modi saying one does not need a 56-inch chest to protect the interests of the nation but a strong will power.

Keeping Modi busy in election rallies across the state while he is most needed at the Centre is like undermining the national security of India, the Shiv Sena said in its editorial mouthpieceSaamna.

Referring to Modi’s extensive campaigning for the BJP in Maharashtra ahead of state assembly polls, the Sena said, “We can talk about the politics of Maharashtra later as well Modi ji, but for now it is most important that we do not bear the atrocities committed by our neighbour.”

“Do you need a 56-inch chest to protect the interests of the nation and to teach Pakistan a lesson for their misdeeds? All you need is a strong will power to give it back to them in the same measure,” it said.

“Pakistan is daring to continuously fire on the Indian side because there are no firm steps taken by the Indian government,” Sena said.

It added that that it is pity that Indian villagers across the bordering areas have to take shelter in safer places to protect themselves from the onslaught of the Pakistani Rangers.

“It is not only our people whose life is threatened by the Pakistanis, even their homes are being destroyed by the Pakistani onslaught. Houses as far as four kilometres away from the border have been badly affected by the continuous firing.

“Our citizens are now running away from their homes to escape death that may catch up with them in the darkness of the night. It’s a pity they have to leave their homes this way,” the Sena morninger said.

So far seven persons have been killed and nearly 70 injured in the ceasefire violations by Pakistan since October 1 with over 16,000 people migrating to safer areas.


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