“Smell Smell Smell of the rain i found peace in a hurricane” sings melodiously Suchitra’s daughter Kaveri.

Editor Byline (Tarun Sharma)

New Delhi

“Smell Smell Smell of the rain,i found peace in a hurricane” as you listen word by word the narrative of this song touches your heart which is sung so melodiously and in a divine voice by Kaveri Krishnamoorthy daughter of Suchitraa Krishnamoorthy and Shekhar Kapur.

The song is so beautifully picturised taking your memories into a deep rooted culture and traditions of India with a touch of international feel.

I wish luck to this young talented girl Kaveri and hope this number of her tops the chart and as the song gives such a suitable look and peace that it can become and holds the quality of being someday being nominated for Oscar’s too, which i felt like listening to this magnifcient piece of music and picturization combination.

You can too have a look the link is below: