Surgical Advances: 3D 4K Aided Laparoscopic Surgery

New Delhi, September 12, 2022

Surgical Advances: 3D 4K Aided Laparoscopic Surgery

The past three decades have seen the rapid inclusion of advanced technologies into the practice of modern surgery. This has helped Surgery leapfrog from its primitive moorings to its modern day avataar. Meaningful change has come in a 360 degree fashion to this interventional field of medicine. From the clinical aids in the ambulatory suites, to the biomolecular revolution in laboratory aided diagnoses, high-resolution rapid imaging, revolutionary information technology at the clinician’s disposal, artificial intelligence, high-definition endovision and robotic aided surgery have served to revolutionize current surgery.

Surgical vision has paid a central part in surgical progress throughout surgical history. The Institute of Minimal Access, Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital has utilized the best globally available endo-surgical technologies in the care of its patients. The latest iteration in this progressive journey has been the inclusion in its surgical armamentarium, the next generation Surgical Endovision in the form of 3-Dimensional 4K Endovision. Optical magnification and resolution are the most important features, enabling the operating surgeon to see better. High-resolution, 3-dimensional, digitally assisted imaging is an emerging way of visualising endo-surgery. By attaching a stereoscopic digital camera to the operating laparoscope, a more realistic stereoscopic video can be captured and displayed on a 4K Resolution 3-Dimensional LED Monitor. Wearing passive polarized 3D glasses, surgeons can operate with stereopsis looking across the operating room.

The advantage of this sophisticated technological arrangement is that the higher optical resolution and depth perception allows larger, higher-resolution monitor screens to be employed in the operating room. High-end endovision in three-dimensional depth carries with it a huge surgical visual advantage of helping surgeons perceive hitherto unseen vital or critical anatomical detail within the body, providing the complete surgical team with greater decision-making capability and superior ergonomics. This technical efficacy has been proven in the air force, retinal surgical field, and robotic surgery. This has the real-time surgical potential to translate into safer advanced surgery, lower operating times, less blood loss, quicker return to activity and work, and lower overall costs. This evolving domain experience has been confirmed by the advanced laparoscopic expertise of the surgical team at the Institute of Minimal Access, Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. This has encouraged the team to share this radical benefit with surgeons and physicians countrywide. A potential long-term benefit has been the prevention of operative occupational injury to surgeons and surgical teams through improved ergonomics and lower operative times, thus enhancing and lengthening the surgical life spans of highly skilled surgical professionals.

To introduce this feat in modern-day biomedical engineering, the Institute of Minimal Access, Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is organizing a one-day advanced Laparoscopic workshop for Surgeons and physicians in the National capital region on Monday, September 12, 2022, with live transmission from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital to the large, 3-Dimension Enabled, Wide-Angle Theatre Screen at PVR Chanakya, Chanakyapuri. This professional-academic event will platform a wide array of basic to advanced gastrointestinal, bariatric, hernia, and gynecological surgeries to a scientifically interactive surgical audience, drawn from across the national capital region. Our immense hope is that surgical safety, efficacy, and overall lower long-term healthcare costs to society are served by the meaningful application of advanced technology such as high-resolution, 3-dimensional, digitally assisted endosurgical imaging.

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