The End Date of Coronavirus in INDIA – an astrological analysis by Tarun Sharma

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By Editor-in-Chief and Jyotish Acharya Tarun Sharma

New Delhi

Everybody wants to know today when India will get respite from Coronavirus outbreak so today apart from my normal journalism news i will put before you an analysis of mine being a Jyotish Acharya and a research student too from a respectable institute founded by Sh.K.N.Rao ,Institute of Astrology,Bharatiya Vidya bhawan ,New Delhi as to when you can expect relief from corona.

To reach to this conclusion i had analysed history of previous epidemics ,pandemics – when they happened,where they happened,in which planets conjunction or under which nakshatra they happened ,which will definitely awaken you up.

From China Wuhan came Coronavirus which is now a discussion worldwide,it has taken a shape of pandemic and millions of people are today effected by this coronavirus worldwide ,in India too many cases of these started sprouting up but today everybody in India has a question in mind i.e when they will get relief from this virus.

If we see through the vision of astrology corona virus coming up and becoming an pandemic it was not a coincidence at all but there are many astrological reasons and planets role behind it.

Rahu and Ketu represent or are karaka of virus,diseases spread through viruses ,contagious diseases and secret diseases.
Whereas Jupiter represent or is karaka of Jeeva or life source and represent living beings.So whenever there is a conjunction of Rahu or Ketu with jupiter such contagious diseases spread ,diseases which cannot be identified easily or for which finding cure is difficult.

For Rahu still there is some solution but when ketu and jupiter combine finding solution has always been difficult in the past too and diseases crops up which are mysterious to which finding treatment becomes very difficult.

This is what is happening in coronavirus case too.From 6th March 2019 onward ketu is in sagittarius sign but on 4th November,2019 jupiter too entered sagittarius sign which made a conjunction of Ketu and Jupiter which give rise to mysterious contagious diseases.

Coronavirus first case came in China in November 2019 after this another unfavorable condition arised which was Sun Eclipse on 26th December 2019 which converted this coronavirus into a pandemic. This solar eclipse too which happened was not a normal one as there was shasht yoga which means presence of 6 planets which were together on this eclipse day,these planets were sun,moon,saturn,mercury,jupiter ketu because of which the negative impact of this eclipse was on a larger scale.

Then right after solar eclipse 14 days later lunar eclipse too followed all these plants mentioned above in shasht yoga were effected by Rahu,Saturn and Ketu the result of which was seen in form of violence because of opposing of CAA and NRC ,also along with it the cases of coronavirus started increasing.

According to astrology whenever strong planets sun,moon and jupiter become weak religion gets weaker and catastrophes happens.It is in these conditions that dangers like coronavirus originates.

When ketu reached its moola nakshatra on 15th january 2020 coronavirus started showing it colors it started spreading outside Wuhan.

Ketu will transit in Sagittarius sign till 23rd September 2020 and this time is to keep utmost care. So till 23rd September 2020 everybody should remain extra attentive and careful because conjunction of Ketu and Jupiter will remain till this date,Rahu inflicts sun and moon whereas ketu inflicts nakshatra according to astrology.

Jupiter in UAsada nakshatra too creates problems and thats why there is an increase in number of cases of coronavirus.

On 13th April sun will enter Aries which is uchha rashi for sun and the corona cases will start seeing decline,antidote may also be found around this date.

When on 4th may 2020 mars will leave saturn conjunction and go to aquarius sign then negative energies surrounding world will decrease.Till mid may Rahu will remain in Ardra Nakshatra and after that there will be a respite seen in corona.

(please note:Our Editor-in-Chief Tarun Sharma is also a jyotish acharya degree holder from Institute of Astrology,Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan,New Delhi and a research student at present)

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