The silver lining behind a dark cloud – Start your own online store for free.

New Delhi

The Covid-19 virus has indeed ushered a big dark cloud on us; it seems to have affected everything from health and well being to jobs and the economy.

The economy is one of the key areas where the negative impact of the virus will be felt for many years to come. Falling GDP, lack of opportunity and job losses are a sad reality.

It is easy for someone to lose heart in times like this, but there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud, and as our Prime Minister rightly says the key to combating these down trends is self reliance or Atma-nirbhar.

Helping Indians to follow the Prime Ministers mantra of Atmanirbhavta and regenerate commerce in this challenging times is a duo of friends from Pune Mr Neeraj Bezalwar and Mr Abhay Desai who are providing this silver lining, their startup Shopsocial will enable small and medium enterprises to own and operate an online store and be involved in the e-retail trade at little or no cost.

The platform helps in creating e-stores overnight for independent businesses and MSMEs; the key features of this offering are:

  1. Ease of use: The e-store can be managed using whatsapp and doesn’t require any prior IT knowledge.
  2. Light weight transactional platform: The e-store is designed as a pure transactional platform and besides being easy to use is lightning fast for all transactions.
  3. Seamless connect: The platform connects the users to all resources needed for a successful e-business, from product designers to delivery options, everything one needs to run a successful business is integrated on the platform, services like product/ad campaign design, social media marketing, inventory management, payment gateways and CRM are all integrated.
  4. Most cost effective transactional platform: The basic package is offered for free for the first 3 months, this will allow anyone to start out and test the viability of the proposition at low investments.

Shopsocial is seeing a lot of interest from businesses across different sectors such as fresh vegetables, fresh poultry and fish, frozen foods, cafes and bakeries, dairy, premium food brands etc. No business is too small or too big and Shopsocial is extending the 90 day free store for anyone who wants to set it up.

E-trade is a key emerging trend, these trends will only get stronger as time goes by, it’s difficult to imagine any successful business that doesn’t transact on the Internet by 2025. Here is an opportunity for everyone to enter the e-trade today, all you have to do is click on