The Untold Stories of Indian Tigers

The Untold Stories of Indian Tigers a book by Nikhilesh Shrikhande was released by punya publications.The Book is dedicated to those black stripes who have hypnotized man at all times – The Tiger

It is a unique book spanning the life events of a few famous tigers homed in the vast picturesque jungles dotted with rivulets and lakes and old forts and temples of Ranthambore National Park to Tadoba Tiger Reserve to Pench National Park & Bandhavgarh National Park.

These fictionalized truths are both engaging and touching. The stories of Indian tigers cover a whole panorama of human emotions, from the pain of a mother tiger seeing her son’s life snuffed out-breath by breath with the poison of the poachers to the famous brave fight with a crocodile of a tigress to save the hunt for her cubs. This beautiful collage of emotions and real-life scenic representations will be enjoyed by readers of all age groups.

It is a significant contribution and a novel attempt in propagating the cause of mother nature, the balance of life and wildlife protection. 

Book is available on Flipkart and one can buy a copy from visiting website