Two missiles hit high- security Green Zone in Baghdad housing US Embassy

Two missiles hit the Green
Zone in the Iraqi capital of
Baghdad yesterday evening, a
day after US drone strike
killed Iran Revolutionary
Guards commander General
Qasem Soleimani.

Several reports suggested
that the twin blasts took
place in the Green Zone, the
high-security enclave where
the US embassy is based.

The Iraqi military said one
projectile hit inside the zone,
while another landed close to
the enclave. Sirens
immediately rang out at the
American compound in
Baghdad hosting both
diplomats and troops. A pair
of Katyusha rockets then
struck the Al-Balad Air Force
Base hosting US troops in the
north of the capital.

Surveillance drones were
sent above the base to locate
the source of the rockets. The
US now fears a backlash
against its mission and bases
where its troops are deployed
across Iraq. US embassy in
Baghdad has urged American
citizens to leave Iraq
immediately over a fear of
fallout from the strike.