UN Secretary-General calls for maximum restraint on all parties in Syria

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio
Guterres has called on all parties in
Syria to exercise maximum
restraint, amid Turkey’s
preparations to start a military
operation in the north of the
country. The UN spokesman,
Stephane Dujarric stated this
after the United States began
pulling troops back from the
area. He said, Mr. Guterres is
greatly concerned, especially
at the risk to civilians in any
escalation of fighting.

Mr Dujarric said the U.N.
chief emphasized that
civilians must be protected,
and all parties must
guarantee sustained,
unimpeded and safe
humanitarian асcess to
civilians in need.

The spokesman also said
that Antonio Guterres has
been in contact with all
relevant parties in the region
regarding the matter and
reiterated that there is no
military solution to the Syrian