“Unlocking the Power of Yoga: AIIA and IIT Delhi Develop Device to Enhance Memory and Combat Alzheimer’s”

“Unlocking the Power of Yoga: AIIA and IIT Delhi Develop Device to Enhance Memory and Combat Alzheimer’s”

New Delhi, June 22, 2023– The All-India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), in collaboration with the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in the field of neuroscience. They have developed a pioneering device that provides conclusive evidence of the positive effects of Bhramari Pranayam, a significant component of Yoga, on brain neuron cells. The findings not only demonstrate the preventive benefits but also the potential for Bhramari Pranayam to aid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Memory Loss.

The device, formulated by the AIIA Yoga Department with invaluable assistance from IIT Delhi, introduces a new dimension to our understanding of the therapeutic potential of Yoga. By inserting the device into the nostril during Bhramari Pranayam practice, it captures sound waves and conducts electroencephalogram (EEG) brain mapping. The results obtained from the device provide compelling evidence of the positive effects of Bhramari Pranayam on brain neuron cells.

In a series of comprehensive studies, conducted jointly by AIIA and IIT Delhi, the benefits of Yoga were further explored. The first study employed the newly developed device, confirming the positive impact of Bhramari Pranayam on brain health. The second study focused on athletes utilizing yoga and the ragi ball technique, revealing enhanced performance outcomes. Additionally, a third study involving policemen demonstrated significant stress reduction through yoga practice.

All three studies conclusively assert that Yoga has the potential to elevate performance levels.

These remarkable findings have far-reaching implications, offering new hope for individuals battling neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Memory Loss. By embracing the holistic approach of Yoga, a non-invasive solution, we may be one step closer to preventing and managing these challenging disorders.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Dr. Tanuja Nesari, Director AIIA, said “On International Yoga Day, I extend warm wishes on behalf of the All India Institute of Ayurveda. Our honourable Prime Minister has called upon all to embrace theme, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ reflecting the collective approach of the entire government under the Ministry of Ayush. Ayurveda and Yoga, like two sides of a single coin, embody the principles of holistic well-being. By integrating Ayurveda’s physical healing and Yoga’s spiritual practice, we can cultivate health, happiness, and harmony. May AyurYoga become our guiding light towards a brighter and healthier future for all.”

Author: sarkarimirror