Vimshotri Dasha- Vedic Astrology Part-II by Ajay Kapoor.

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Vimshotri Dasha- Vedic Astrology
“Pilot-taking us towards, Pre-Determined Destiny”

By Ajay Kapoor (views expressed are of author only,author is a Jyotish Acharya from BVB,Delhi)

This article is in contnuation to previous article on Vimshotri Dasha published on 08.05.2020.

Mahadasha and Antardasha results of planets
Entire Mahadasha can’t be auspicious, inauspicious, neutral, bad or evil it is always combination of Mahadasha lords and Antardasha lords and connection between them friendly, neutral or inimical will decide the Sub-periods (Antardasha).

All the planets do not confer their full auspicious, inauspicious or maraka results during their Mahadasha (MD) and in their own Antardasha (AD), when the Dasha lord is same of MD and AD, planet does not give its entire results, however a few results can be expected. Every planet MD starts with its own AD in Vimshotri Dasha system.

Here onwards we will discuss how Antardasha will be in Mahadasha of any planet according to our ancient classics for Vedic Hindu Astrology. The planets produce results to them in AD of planets related to them or at least like them in characteristics and qualities. Planets display their fullest results in MD/AD of their Atmasambhandi and Sadharmi planets.

Atmasambhandi Planets: –

Planets who are friends to each other. Planets who are Exalted/ Debilitated.

Sadharmi Planets: –

Having same characteristics, Yogkarak, Auspicious, Inauspicious, Neutrals, Maraka, Owning Kendra/Trikona/Trishadaya or owners of 2nd house/12th house.

Sadharmi by house lordships: –

The Lagna lord and 7th house lord.
The lord of 2nd house and 12th house lord.
The lord of 3rd house and 11th house lord.
The lord of 4th house and 10th house lord.
The lord of 5th house and 9th house lord.
The lord of 6th house and 8th house lord.

Special notes: –

  1. In planets own MD/AD, if planet is Yogkarak or Maraka results does not fully yield but can experience some auspicious or inauspicious results.
  2. In Mahadasha of Yogkarak planet and Antardasha of another Yogkarak, auspicious, Atmasambhandi planet who is related to Dasha lord can give positive results.
  3. In Mahadasha of Maraka planet whenever there is Antardasha of Maraka or Atmasambhandi planet, death can occur, or very evil results are expected.
  4. In Mahadasha of Yogkarak and Antardasha of Maraka or vice-versa, mixed results are expected neither auspicious nor completely inauspicious in nature.
  5. In all Antardasha periods, whichever Antardasha is most favourable to Mahadasha lord by becoming Sadharmi or Atmasambhandi: –

Conclusions to above table: –

In Dasha of Yogkarak and Antardasha of Unrelated Anubhaya-dharmi, initially results will be auspicious and later there will be mixed results expected.

In the Mahadasha of Maraka and Antardasha of Unrelated Anubhaya-dharmi, initially there will be inauspicious results and later there will be mixed results expected.

If Trikona lord is unrelated to a Trishadaya lord then in Trikona lord Dasha the Trishadaya lord’s Antardasha will give results according to the nature of two lords, results will be mixed, or more of stronger planet are expected.

Results of Mahadasha and Antardasha of Kendra and Trikona lords
Kendra is considered Vishnu-sthana and Trikona as Lakshmi-sthana, therefore Yoga of their relations is producing auspiciousness in the material world. A Kendra lord produces auspicious results in his Dasha and Trikona lord Antardasha, if both are related. Similarly, a Trikona lord produces auspicious results in its Mahadasha and Antardasha of Kendra lord, if both are related. If the Kendra lord and Trikona lord both are unblemished then it is Yoga of top quality.
(unblemished means the other sign of both the lords do not fall in inauspicious houses).

By owning inauspicious houses both will lose Yoga producing capability to much extend.
Jupiter, Venus and Mercury if become Kendra and Trishadaya or 8th house lords at the same time they are termed as Evil Kendra lords. This evil is more with these benefices due to Kendrapati Dosha, if Saturn and Mars become these evil Kendra lords, they are not considered such evils as benefices are.

For Trikona lord who is also lord of Trishadaya house or 8th house lord at the same time is considered worse, as blemished. We are here only discussing behaviour of planets due to lordship of houses and there are many more factors which can affect Dasha of planets as exaltation, debilitation, own sign, friends sign, combust, enemy sign. Which should be read and incorporated along with these principles for horoscope under consideration.

  1. If only malefic Kendra lord gets related with unblemished Trikona lord, they will be greatly auspicious in there Mahadasha and Antardasha.
  2. If a malefic planet owning a Kendra is evil by owning an auspicious house or such Benefic Kendra lord is related to an unblemished Trikona lord, then also the results will be auspicious but little lesser than 1.
  3. If only a malefic Kendra lord is related with a Trikona lord which is blemished by owning an inauspicious house the results will be almost like 2.
  4. If both the Trikona lord and Kendra lord are blemished and are related, then very normal auspicious results in their Dasha.
  5. If both the Kendra lord and Trikona lord are unblemished and are unrelated then ordinary auspicious results will be in their Dasha (results only for not being blemished).
  6. If one of the Trikona lord or Kendra lord is blemished and both are unrelated then auspicious results are almost nil in their respective Dasha.
  7. If both the Trikona and Kendra lords blemished and are not related, then the results will be inauspicious in their Mahadasha and Antardasha.
    In next Article we will understand Results of MD and AD for Yogkarak and Maraka planets.

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