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Watch news channels only for 20 minutes at noon time to boost immunity ?


New Delhi

With rising cases of Covid 19 in India,the heartbeat too rises of the people after getting update on the numbers infected by Covid19.

Infact i myself was watching news very frequently being a part of my job ,but seeing it again and again the pictography related to suffering patients due to corona was increasing my heartbeat and with that was coming negative thoughts as what would happen,which in turn was effecting my work and i was not able to focus on writing articles effectively.

So as an experiment i called up around 30 people in my circle from varied fields and of both genders as how they felt after seeing news on covid19 and response was uniform that they became restless and whole day was full of negativity and low confidence.

I started from myself and just watched news channel for 20 minutes a day at noon time so my sleep dont get disturbed after seeing disturbed pictography.The result of seeing 20 min news channel for updation at noon had a very good impact and i maintained positivity,focus,energy levels throughout the day.

After my experience i told these people in my circle around 30 to maintain this schedule of 20 min news watching at noon only and to give me feedback ,how thry felt.I got the same response of positivity,energy level boosted and more focus.

So friends,visitors of my site i feel you should try this and do drop me a feedback on if it helped you too.