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Will Mental Health pandemic soon follow as corona lockdowns hit mental strength ?

By Editor-in-Chief (Tarun Sharma)

New Delhi

As coronavirus spread making people remain indoor under lockdown at home, create a mental health problem in coming time soon, cannot be neglected?

Many people cannot leave their homes except to buy food or exercise briefly. They cannot see their friends or family, or go to work, and the near-term outlook is bleak. This combination is the perfect storm for an increase in mental health conditions and we are already beginning to see signs that an associated mental health pandemic is under way.

Many people may be needing a psychologist as the economy crunch along with Covid 19 pandemic has already brought in mass jobs sacking and employees which are retained have got heavy salary cuts due to lockdown impact which has played a major role in bringing the economy down

The childrens too can come under mental stress as they are mostly indoor just eating sleeping or studying on bench with least physical exercise at home .

Work from home may be initially look good to employees,but improper posture while working,untimely and too much eating may bring up backaches and headaches due to long exposure to blue light emitted from devices.

Some pepple may develop a feeling of anxiety seeing too much pandemic news and some may experience sleep loss,which will inherently point these people to none other but a mental health imbalance.

So a right diet,right posture while working,right sleeping hours,a little meditation and exercise can prevent such cases.