World Bank Team Survey Self Help Group (SHG) in Punjab National Bank

World Bank Team Survey Self Help Group (SHG) in Punjab National Bank


The World Bank Team Led by Mr. Amit Arora, a financial inclusion expert visited Punjab National Bank’s branches in Alwar District  to survey Self Help Group financing.  The World Bank praised the work done by PNB in this direction.

The team discussed about the process adopted by Punjab National Bank, documentation and NGOs working in the field.  The team also listened the experience of beneficiaries regarding financing and also studied the effects of this on their family.

In India, in the field of financing to self help groups there has been tremendous revolution. In view of the efforts made by the Punjab National Bank in this field, World Bank has chosen three States i.e. Rajasthan, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. The efforts made by Punjab National Bank in  Alwar, Rajasthan has been selected as a pilot project for detailed, intensive and organized study.


In this process, the team has taken information about the formation of self help groups from national rural livelihood mission and non government organization.  The team also discussed with the funded group members of the bank and with support to their family by financing them. They also jotted down their problems and suggestions.

The Reserve Bank of India extending their support to World Bank in this study.  In India work done over the years in the field of financial inclusion get recognition on world arena.