A real Kingdom of Dwarfs in China is making it’s own unique mark

A real Kingdom of Dwarfs in China is making it’s own unique mark

Dwarf city

Dwarf City, China

All inhabitants of self-titled Dwarf City must measure under four foot and three inches tall.

The self sufficient community – which includes its own fire brigade and police service, in Kunming, Southern China, was founded in 2009, by a group of dwarves living in a mountain community.

The group turned their homes into a living theme park, building mushroom-shaped houses to live in and wearing fairytale costumes in a bid to woo tourists to their attraction.

‘As small people we are used to being pushed around and exploited by big people. But here there aren’t any big people and everything we do is for us,’ spokesman Fu Tien said. -dailymail

The World Eco Garden of Butterflies or The Dwarf City/Dwarf Empire  is located in the beautiful mountains of southern China near the new city of Kunming. It is a tourist attraction boasting two daily performances by 100 dwarves, who live and work in an elaborate fantasy world ruled by an emperor and empress. The theme park was created in 2009 and could easily pass for a movie set.

A Kingdom of Dwarfs in China


‘To westerners, it may seem voyeuristic and immoral, but this is China and – for the people who come here and for many of the performers – this is simply not an issue,’ says De Wilde Photograph: Sanne De Wilde

For many residents, says De Wilde, the Dwarf Empire provided ‘not just a community, but a sense of belonging’. Photograph: Sanne De Wilde

Shiho Fukada/The New York Times, via Redux

Employees of the Kingdom of the Little People, a theme park in Kunming, China. December 22, 2009. The park has attracted controversy, but the dwarves who work there praise an environment where they are not freaks. (Shiho Fukada/The New York Times, via Redux)

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