Add sparkle to your Diwali celebrations with these 5 Gold & Silver gifting options

Add sparkle to your Diwali celebrations with these 5 Gold & Silver gifting options

It’s almost that time of year when lights, lanterns, and diyas light up our houses, symbolising a journey away from darkness and toward joy and wellbeing. Diwali, mired with its mythos and traditions, is one of the most anticipated and cherished festivals in India. It’s the day we dress up, erect altars to Goddess Lakshmi adorning it with precious metals to bring in luck, good fortune, health, and prosperity. Seen as a symbol and oftentimes as an auspicious embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi herself, purchasing Gold and Silver is a much-enjoyed practice among Indian families.

With the festival of lights is just days away, the air is already heavy with joy, kindness, and what other way to spread holiday happiness with 99.99% Pure 24K Gold and Silver coins, bars, and ingots from MMTC-PAMP for your loved ones? Here’s a carefully crafted assortment of 5 precious metal gifting options you can choose from:

10 g Lakshmi & Ganesh Gold & Silver Bar: The MMTC-PAMP 999.9 Purity Certified Lakshmi and Ganesha bars depict two of the Hindu religion’s most cherished deities, Lakshmi and Ganesha. Revered as beneficent divinities in India and across the world for their gifts of wealth, protection, knowledge, and direction, the bars masterfully depict the delicacies of their well-known traits etched with clean lines, fine aesthetics, and unparalleled finish. Each bar is packaged in a tamper-proof Assayer’s card, assuring you of the greatest purity and craftsmanship available.

50 g Set of 2 Lakshmi & Ganesh Stylised Silver Shankh Coins: The 999.9 Pure Silve Shankh coins engraved on 999.9 pure silver weigh 25 grams apiece includes delicately etched coloured depictions of Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh on first-of-its-kind Shankh design. While each coin is protected within a custom-made capsule, the MMTC-PAMP seal of authenticity assures you of the highest purity and best workmanship available.

31.1g Lotus Gold Bar: One of Hinduism’s most revered sacred symbols is the lotus flower, symbolising Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of riches and fortune. When it comes to commemorating any occasion, MMTC-PAMP’s 31.1 gram Lotus bar marks an excellent Diwali gift denoting long life, good fortune, and spiritual purity for your loved ones. As an ideal investment, the 1oz (31.1g) frosted and high-polished 24K gold Lotus bar has the unique Lotus motif produced on the finest 24K gold available.

Stylized Lakshmi Ganesha (999.9) 50 g Silver Bar: Designed to bring good luck to your home, The stunning silver piece features a delicately embellished depiction of Goddess Lakshmi, with her four arms symbolising affluence and fortune along with Lord Ganesha, poised to bless the people with happiness. Don’t forget to pick them up for yourself or as a present for loved ones this Diwali. You have complete peace of mind knowing that each bar is protected with a tamper-proof package that is signed and numbered by the manufacturer.

Digital Gold: Illuminate the day of your tech-savvy near and dear ones with Digital Gold from MMTC-PAMP. Through partners like as PhonePe, Gpay, PAYTM, you can gift your loved ones 24k, 999.9 purity certified Digital Gold in bite-sized amounts for as little as Rs 1! All Gold purchased digitally is stored under the direct ownership of the investor and is stored within fully secured and insured vaults of MMTC-PAMP, with additional security provided by IDBI Trusteeship ensuring that all investments are as safe as they can be.

Author: sarkarimirror