All you should know about Budhaditya Yoga,the results of Mercury transit by Tarun Sharma

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By Tarun Sharma (Editor-in-Chief)

(Our Editor-in-chief is also a Jyotish Acharya degree holder from Institute of Astrology, Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan,New Delhi)

Mercury has joined Sun in the sign of Aries today, forming Buddhaditya yoga. This yoga will remain till 9th May 2020. How this transit is going to effect us all, I did a little research work. So let’s find out.

ARIES Ascendant/ARIES Moon sign – They are going to use this newly found intellect in gathering information about their partners, other people and updating the same in their data base. They can bit temperamental during this time and can have a direct speech.

TAURUS Ascendant/ TAURUS Moon sign – They can be very creative and imaginative during this time. They can communicate a lot about spirituality, communicate with foreign people or people living at far away places.They can even have a source of income from foreign land and they may even include their creativity and imagination into their work routine.

GEMINI Ascendant/ GEMINI Moon sign– Gemini will think intelligently about multiplying their gains.They may gain simultaneously from their mother, family members as well as real estate matters as well.

CANCER Ascendant/ CANCER Moon sign– They may apply this newly found intelligence into their career field. Many Cancers will find new job or career opportunities especially coming from foreign land during this time.

LEO Ascendant/ LEO Moon sign– They may invest this newly found intellect into pursuing higher education and research work. They can publish their articles in social and other platforms as well and may simultaneously gain from it too.

VIRGO Ascendant/VIRGO Moon sign- They may use their intelligence in research work of occult and mysticism. They may even do some contemplating about their career field. Virgos needs to be careful while driving.

LIBRA Ascendant/ LIBRA Moon sign– Libras would use their intellect to enhance their relationship and business matters. They will do very well in higher studies and research work. Long distance business opportunities might come to them and they may pursue it fruitfully.

SCORPIO Ascendant/ SCORPIO Moon sign- Scorpios will make use of new strategies for improvision of their daily work and lifestyle. Mars aspect removes obstacles, enemies or health problems . They will gain maximum if they are in business.

SAGITTARIUS Ascendant/ SAGITTARIUS Moon sign- Saggittarius will get a boost in their creativity and talent area. Their children may also do very well in studies during this time. Saggittarius will do good in their work field. They will be romantic too .

CAPRICORN Ascendant/ CAPRICORN Moon sign– Capricorn may find a heightened interest in their mother and immediate family members. They may find find new ways to redecorate their home, keep family members happy. They may also improvise on their daily work and communicate with long distance people.

AQUARIUS Ascendant/AQUARIUS Moon sign- Increased communication is seen especially with siblings, neighbors. Aquarians will find new ideas to improvise their work and business. Especially if they are in media, sales and marketing etc. Short travels or local travels is also seen on the cards. They will be more creative and artistic in their work or business during this time.

PISCES Ascendant/ PISCES Moon sign– They may find new ideas to boost their wealth and overall well being of the family. They may include new diets to improve their health and implement the same on other family members as well. They may have an intriguing and authoritative speech. If in business, they may do well and simultaneously gain from it.

About Budhaditya Yoga in detail:

BudhAditya Yoga is formed in the horoscope, which can bless the native with intelligence, leadership qualities, analytical abilities, communication skills, success, fame and many other good things.

Mercury as we know is the innermost planet of our solar system, which means that it is closest to the Sun and accordingly it is found present with the Sun in almost one third of the horoscopes. Hence BudhAditya Yoga should be formed in all these horoscopes. It means that all these people should be blessed with the good results indicated by this Yog, which is obviously not the case in actual practice; as we don’t see one third population of the world having these qualities and achieving name and fame due to these qualities. Hence there must be something more to the formation of this Yog than what has been mentioned in the prevalent definition of this Yog.

The primary condition for the formation of any benefic Yog in a horoscope is that all the planets involved in the formation of such Yog should be working positively in that horoscope. Therefore, in order for BudhAditya Yoga to be formed in a horoscope, both Sun and Mercury should be benefic in that horoscope.

Author: sarkarimirror