Awareness programmes on observe National Bone & Joint week starting tomorrow

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Awareness programmes on observe National Bone & Joint week starting tomorrow

New Delhi, 31st July 2020: Problems related to bone and joint which were once perceived to be a condition associated with older people is now a growing concern amongst the younger generation because of changing lifestyle and stress.

Delhi Orthopedic Association announced the start of weeklong activities from August 1 to 7 on the occasion of National Bone and Joint Day to be observed on August 4. The association will be conducting various programmes pertaining for bone health. The theme for this year is “Prevention of Deformity in Degenerative Disease”. Deformities are bony enlargements, misshaping and fixed bending of joints which leads to disability, depression and difficulty in controlling co-morbidities leading to increased cost to health care systems.

Informs Dr Sharad K Aggarwal, President, Delhi Orthopedic Association and senior orthopedic surgeon, Max Super Specialty Hospital Patparganj, New Delhi said, “In consonance with Indian Orthopaedic Association, we are committed to carry out a series of activities intended to spread awareness of prevention from degenerative joint diseases among the public at large. We all know that prevention is better than cure, hence through our activities we are going to make the public learn and adopt preventive measures to prevent deformity in degenerative bone and joint diseases.”

Dr Hitesh Lal, Hon. Secretary, Delhi Orthopedic Association and Professor, Sports Injury Centre, Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi said. “With an increase of life expectancy in Indians (currently 68.8 years) we are going to witness a surge of patients suffering from degenerative diseases. Since there is no cure for degenerative joint diseases, hence it is essential to prevent it or slow its progress. The need of the hour is to modify our currentlifestyle strengthening exercises, and healthy diet with adequate intake of Calcium and Vitamin D.”

As a word of caution experts have requested the public at large to avoid over/mis- use of joints, and injuries as far as possible especially during this pandemic.

Author: sarkarimirror