“There were days when I had to fly to a different city every day and there were days when there was no work at all. That was the glam world” SAYS KELLY DORJI FAMOUS MODEL AND BOLLYWOOD ACTOR AND MUCH MORE IN AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH Mr. TARUN SHARMA,Editor-in-Chief


Kelly Dorji famous Model who got his break with GLADRAGS MODEL HUNT and then his entry into Bollywood as an Actor with his debut movie TANGO CHARLIE opens up his perspectives towards life in an exclusive interview with our Editor-in-Chief ,Mr. Tarun Sharma


Editor: How did Kelly thought of modelling and then acting.

K.D: When I started modelling it was just a handful of people who were considered top models in India. I had done amateur theater even before modelling and films was a natural step.

Editor:Was the days tough in your time when you entered the modelling world ,if yes how you got the foothold of the glamour industry.

K.D: Yes the industry requires you to be tough and focused. There were days when I had to fly to a different city every day and there were days when there was no work at all. That was the glam world. I stayed disciplined and worked hard when the work came.

Editor:Your first movie was Tango Charlie in 2005 after that you did five or six more hindi movies and entered regional movies i.e telugu what was it that made you shift to regional cinema from mainline Hindi

K.D: I did about 9-10 Hindi language films- but when I captured a main stream market in South Indian Cinema- I did not get an opportunity to look back. I do about 3-4 films a year in either- Hyderabad , chennai or Bangalore .

Editor: What according to Kelly Buddhism preach and how he has been influenced personally.

K.D: “Buddhism teaches compassion most of all. So we must try to think of the welfare of others as much as possible“.

Editor: Off late you have been practicing Art of Living ,in what perspectives art of living helped you.

K.D: I have followed Art Of Living for about 8 years now. It has helped me in times of great pressure… And has taught me not to run away from problems but how to cope with modern life.

Editor:What has been your greatest fears in life as everybody has at some point of life.

K.D: My greatest fear is that I may never love the way I am loved.

Editor: Where does Bollywood stand at present according to you and what changes you have seen in the film industry all these years.

K.D: There is a lot of sync sound happening now in more controlled environments – this is good because it gives the performers a better platform to truly deliver in performances.

Editor:Whats your definition of SUCCESS.


K.D: When you go to sleep at night and don’t have to worry about your next meal- that is success. Many people are successful but few realize it.

Editor: If Kelly was to change Indian politicians in their approach what steps you would have taken

K.D: I would make government and it’s functioning transparent… With full Rights to information- then sit back and watch the circus!

Editor:Your one line message for your valuable fans and visitors of the portal.

K.D: Thank you for connecting me with the people who are interested to know about me.

“My message to you is to dream big but keep your head- because that is where your dreams are born and materialize!”

Author: sarkarimirror