Breaking News: Extreme shortage of Immuno suppressant drugs and life saving medicines needed for Transplant,Cancer and other critically ill.

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New Delhi

Appeal for Mankind:

Extreme shortage of Immuno Suppressant Drugs and Life saving medicines needed for Transplant , Cancer and other critically ill patients in India’s far flung areas and Delhi NCR . SGRH is getting desperate calls of patients about non-availablity of life saving medicines. Hospital is arranging transport and other means to send medicines in Delhi NCR but is helpless in far flung areas like Assam , Bihar , North East etc .

Dr D S Rana , Chairman Nephrology and Sir Ganga Ram Hopital, makes a fervent appeal to the authorities to make available these medicines for these critically ill patients . Due to their co-morbid conditions , these patients are also in high risk group for catching Covid-19 .

The Government authorities should provide necessary assistance asap in the interest of these patients.

Some of the Transplant Patients devoid of medicines :

1.Vishal Sharma from Aligarh cell: 8267073902

2. Pappi , Cell: 7860456023 , Jhansi

3. Ashwani , Cell : 7747047914

4. Ram Tiwari, Cell : 9648870687

Author: sarkarimirror