Depression: Eight Early Signs And Symptoms

It is normal to feel blue once in a while. If you have experienced a distressing incident like losing your job or a loved one, it is natural to feel sad. This is not the same thing as depression. Depression is a mood disorder when feelings of unhappiness, loss, sadness and anger start to affect the daily life activities of a person. It is also known as clinical or major depression. This condition is a serious illness which can last for a week, a month or perhaps a year. It may not have many physical symptoms, but trust us; the impact it can have on your mental health is quite serious and just can’t be ignored. And the worst part is that it is not that easy to escape! Some people describe depression as a black hole which they just can’t get out of. There comes a point where you start feeling lifeless.

1. Hopeless outlook towards like

Clinical depression is a disorders which changes your outlook towards life altogether. You start looking at things in a hopeless manner. You stop believing that things will get better. A helpless outlook towards life is one of the early signs of depression. This could be backed by hopelessness, self-hate and inappropriate guilt.

2. Loss of interest

Every person builds interests in some activities in life. Something which you love doing and it makes you happy. When you are moving towards depression, you lose interest in all those things. Loss of interest in favorite activities is an early sign of major depression. This could also affect your sex life. Low sex drive is a symptom of depression.

3. Fatigue and sleep problems

One of the reasons why you lose interest in your favorite activities could be due to excess fatigue. Depression is backed by a sense of tiredness and excessive fatigue. Lack of energy is a debilitating sign of depression. Due to this, you may start sleeping too much and vice versa. Depression can either make you sleep too much or it can make you an insomniac. Lack of sleep could lead to anxiety.

4. Irritability in men

Depression has a different impact on both sexes. In men, depression may lead to irritability, misplaced anger or substance abuse. Depression in men is worse because it usually goes undiagnosed.

5. Guilt

People with major depression may deal with excessive guilt for petty things. They feel helpless and worthless and become extremely critical of themselves. They start measuring their self-worth from another person’s point-of-view. They may even experience depression as a sign of weakness.

6. Changes in appetite

You may either feel very hungry or you may stop eating altogether. This may also result in weight fluctuations. Those who start eating too much will gain weight and those with a complete loss of appetite will lose weight. One way of diagnosing depression is to check if these dietary changes are intentional or not. If they are not, then it is due to depression.



Author: sarkarimirror