Director Sanjay Sure screens his film Bless You! 

Director Sanjay Sure screens his film Bless You! 

 A Hindi Feature Film

The Hindi feature film ‘Bless You’ by Director, Sanjay Sure, had its screening in September in Mumbai. The film was acclaimed by critics at the show. The film had it’s World Premiere at the 45th Asian American International Film Festival in New York. It also was the World Winner at the Druk International Film Festival 2022 in Bhutan, and it got selected at Tokyo Lift-Off International Film Festival 2022, The Paus Premiere International Film Festival 2022, and a few more Film Festivals.


Sadanand Murkute, a Government clerk and his family is struggling to cope with today’s new normal. On one weekend, the Murkute family goes out for shopping and treats themselves with ice candies at a roadside vendor. While slurping the ice candy, Sadanand accidentally sneezes and the whole world comes to a grinding halt for him and a new drama begins. The story unfolds in a witty manner and ends on a happy note with a social message.

Look & Feel

This hilarious story of real people in real times, demands a peculiar treatment. No makeup, no glamour, and real locations. The team has beautifully captured the suburbs of Mumbai to create a unique texture of storytelling. Anyone can relate to this realistic approach. A lot of attention is given to the detailing.

Director’s Profile

The Director, Sanjay Sure is a designer and a writer, with a vast experience in advertising and brand building. He has graduated with a gold medal from the prestigious Sir J. J. School of arts. He has bagged over a hundred awards nationally and internationally for various campaigns. Now pursuing his passion for making cinema in his own creative style.

Cast & Crew Profile

The Cast included phenomenal actors such as Manish Kumar, Ankita Gussain, and Mohneesh Kalyan bagging the lead roles. All the actors are traditionally theater artists which makes their portrayal of the characters real and appealing. The crew too includes talented people such as the DOP of the film, Ameya Kadam, who is a gold medalist from Rachana Sansad and has specialized in street photography which helps the overall look of the film by giving it a more natural and esthetic feel.

Author: sarkarimirror