DJB provides major relief to its consumers by extending the Rebate Scheme up to 30.11.2016

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  • DJB provides major relief to its consumers by extending the Rebate Scheme up to 30.11.2016
  • DJB gives 100% rebate in the Late Payment Surcharge amount for its domestic individual and bulk consumers
  • Consumers living in E,F,G and H category colony having Functional Water Meter will automatically get Zero Bill
  • 87 % consumers of the E,F, G and H colonies avail the benefit of the Rebate Scheme till now
  • Consumers should have a Functional Water Meter to get benefit from the Rebate Scheme



Seeing the massive response for the Rebate Scheme, DJB once again provides a major relief to its consumers by extending the scheme till 30.11.2016. The scheme will waive off water bills pending till November, 2015. Till now, it has benefited approximately 5 lac distinct consumers. The rebate amount to the tune of Rs. 652 crores has been remitted to the consumers.  Out of the above, 87 % consumers belonged to the E, F, G and H category. The benefits of the scheme can now be availed till 30th November, 2016 by the domestic (individual and bulk) consumers having functional water meter. Under the scheme 100 % Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC) waiver will be given to all domestic consumers whereas rebate in principle amount will be on the basis of category of colonies applicable for House Tax purposes in Municipal Corporation, as given below:

Category of Colony for Property Tax Percentage of Principal Demand to be waived off Percentage of LPSC to be waived off


E, F, G & H 100 100
D 75 100
C 50 100
A & B 25 100



E, F, G and H category areas will be completely exempted from paying the pending bills. Consumers need not visit the ZRO office as their bills will be automatically waived off as long as they have a functional water meter and 75% exemption will be given to the consumers residing in D category areas.  People living in C category will receive 50% exemption while A and B category areas will be given exemption up to 25% on the water bills. The Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC) will be totally waived in all the categories.


Consumers who will install the meter after commencement of the scheme are required to give an application intimating their Name, address, K.No. and document of meter installed showing Meter No., Make and certificate with the respective Zonal  Revenue Office. The form may be dropped in the “Meter Installation Intimation Box” placed at the ZRO offices. The consumers, who do not have functional meters, are at liberty to get a meter installed of their choice out of the list of the dealers given on the DJB website-


Delhi Jal Board further advises its consumers  to either visit the nearest ZRO Office, call on the  24 hrs DJB Helpline Number – 1916 or on the Revenue Grievance Cell telephone number- 23526205 (from 9.30 am to 6 pm on all working days) for any assistance in this regard.


Author: sarkarimirror