Ganesha Chaturthi is among the biggest festivals in India. It is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm, devotion, austerity and show. This day is considered special as Lord Ganesha was acknowledged by his father Lord Shiva as one of the most powerful and superior gods. Lord Ganesha is a symbol of knowledge, fortune, prosperity and wisdom. In fact, we worship him before starting any major activity to ensure success and fruition.

When it comes to this festival of Ganesha Chaturthi, most of us know that we are not supposed to look at the moon in the sky on this special day. Why is it so? Let us go into the interesting story behind this reason.

Moon God (Chandra) was handsome and was always proud of his looks. Even humans compare a beautiful face with the glowing moon. Maybe too much of praise made Moon God proud. One day, when Lord Ganesha was walking, Moon God (Chandra) tried to make fun of him by making sarcastic remarks. He commented upon the belly and the elephant head of Lord Ganesha. Though Lord Ganesha kept his cool, he realised that Moon should be punished in order to make him level headed, humble and polite. So, Ganesha looked at the arrogant moon and cursed him saying that nobody will look at him or praise him from that day. Due to that curse, if anyone looks at the Moon, they will face false allegations and suffer bad name even when innocent.

Not expecting such a serious reaction, Moon God got shattered and devastated to face such a humiliating punishment. His arrogance and rudeness vanished in a jiffy. All other Gods around were worried with this development and started worshiping Lord Ganesha to appease him again and apologise. At last, Ganesha was pleased and relieved Moon God from the curse but with a clause. Human beings can look at the moon on any day in the year but not on the day of ‘Bhadrapada Chaturthi’ which is the day of Ganesha Chaturthi. If anyone sees Moon on that day, they may face false allegations and may lose peace.

Solution Is there a solution if you look at the Moon by mistake on that day? Well, there is a remedial measure. Those who worship Lord Ganesha and fulfill the holy rituals and listen to or recite the story of Ganesha Chaturthi can be relieved. The actual lesson here is to lose arrogance and stay humble. One should not go by external appearances however beautiful they are and one must not insult anyone basing on physical features or anything else.

Everything in the universe is god and everything within us is god and there is no separation. When there is no separation, there are no opposites like beauty and ugliness. This story further teaches us about realising the God Self in us. Also, this story explains us that one must not be identified with one’s body.

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