Globus Infocom Ltd announces the launch of a new, advanced, and feature-rich Virtual Classroom with a Learning Management System

Globus Infocom Ltd announces the launch of a new, advanced, and feature-rich Virtual Classroom with a Learning Management System

12th January 2023: Globus Infocom Ltd, a leading edtech company has developed a new, advanced, and feature-rich Virtual Classroom with Learning Management System which is incredibly extensive to provide enriched learning experiences. Designed to enable a future-ready learning environment, this newly developed solution fits the diverse requirements of all the learners, educators, institutions, and parents.

The latest technological advancements include:

● Live class access ensuring HyFlex learning
With an easy login method, our application-based learning allows students to experience dual delivery of courses ensuring HyFlex (Hybrid & Flexible) as an effective medium of learning allowing accessibility from anywhere with any device.
● Customizable creative course creation for teachers
Enhancing flexibility and productivity in the teaching-learning process, instructors are provided with the options to prepare coursework, allow learners’ enrollment for classes, use advanced gamification for easy understanding of concepts, define performance levels of learners providing badges, certificate generation, and many more unlocking immersive learning experiences.
● Comprehensive assessments with detailed monitoring
Experience the well-defined assessment procedure for self-evaluation. Access to eminent attributes like online cheat-proof assessments including options for proctoring tests & safe browsing examinations. Access to several types of objectives, subjective, and many other varieties of questions, online test conduction & report generation for better analysis.
• Enhance virtual engagement among learners
Ensure active participation in learning with enriched interactivity tools like whiteboard along with available options for chatroom, hand raise. Record your live classes, share & learn by uploading documents, notes, videos & even screens. Also, videos can be optimized in the resolution of low, medium, and high allowing you to serve all levels of WIFI bandwidth.

• Available breakout room for individual attention
Breakout rooms allow teachers to split learners into multiple smaller groups facilitating students’ requirements clearing their doubts. It allows students to experience personalized learning and help to encourage peer-to-peer participation.
● Facilitate career pathways
Based on students’ competencies we assure suggestive assessed platforms following students’ overall results and assignments shaping and defining their career paths helping them to choose subjects and preparing them for a better future

Spokesperson: “We have enhanced the features of the solutions to produce more impressive results in response to the huge demand in support of the blended learning strategy. Our solution combines the benefits of hardware and software that have been optimized to perform as efficiently as possible. By Digitizing education, we ensure to make education accessible to one and all upskilling learners for a better tomorrow.

Author: sarkarimirror