“I never gave up and managed to survive by God’s grace” and much more says Rana Yashodhan bollywood actor in an exclusive interview with Tarun Sharma.

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Exclusive interview of Bollywood & TV actor Rana Yashodhan with our Editor-in-Chief Tarun Sharma.

Editor: Describe your stint with acting,how you got your first break.

R.Y: From the time I can remember I always wanted to act. When I was very small I was mesmerized by cinema and wanted to be a art of it. Whenever I was told a story I would imagine me being a part of it . In school I realised that my best only came out in acting . And I was quite in demand during house completions and annual days . All this continued .. my father was in government service and he got transferred to Delhi after my college . Where I got a portfolio made and started distributing everywhere . I got some modelling assignments and a serial , a telefilm in Delhi , but my major break came when creative eye started its TV serial om namah shivaya . Again I was selected by my pictures they saw somewhere . After that I have been a professional actor by God’s grace. 

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Editor: How tough or easy it had been to enter this so called acting world.

R.Y: It’s not been that tough for me to enter since I was lucky . I was selected for a major role before I thought of coming to Mumbai to try my luck here . 

Editor:What are the difficulties or hurdles you overcame in your professional career

R.Y: Mostly Difficulties and hurdles I faced was after I became a professional actor. Sometimes you have work , sometimes you don’t have . Some projects fail .. all these kinds … but I love being an ACTOR, I never gave up and by God’s grace I have managed to survive .

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Editor: Who are the male female co-actors you admire and why ,name few

R.Y: I have worked with so many great actors . I have admired a lot of my co-actors, Difficult to name all.I enjoyed most with my friend Karan V Grover he is very intelligent and sharp as an actor we have had great time working together and also he makes good coffee .Currently I am doing this play Mahabharat – the epic taleAnd I have got this chance of working with sh. Puneet Issar as a director and co actor also . I admire him a lot .. his passion and energy his speech .. his fitness .. great mentor and guru to all , I am throughly enjoying this experience.

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Editor:  If you dont have a movie or acting background what was it that made you succeed.

 R.Y: I don’t know how much succeccful I am. But I have survived for a good time . I love being an actor , I am very passionate about working as an actor . I don’t give up and believe in working hard . I also firmly believe in luck and God has been kind to me. Otherwise it would not have possible .

Editor: What are your upcoming projects.

R.Y: Right now my play Mahabharat – the epic tale is doing quite well and I am happy to be a part of it . My film Tony released in theatres few months back waiting for its digital release to happen soon. Talks are on for some interesting projects in films and TV as well , can talk more about them once things are confirmed and clear.  . 

Editor:Which project has been dear or close to your heart and why.

R.Y: I have loved each one of my projects . But if I have to name one it has to be my first project OM NAMAH SHIVAY.. the chance to be lord Shiva  and all the different experiences I have had because if that . Still get the love and affection for it from the audience .I am also enjoying the role of lord Krishna in The play Mahabharat – the epic tale . 

Editor: How can bureaucracy help people who want to make a mark in this industry according to you.

R.Y: I have no idea how . .. I think this is a field of storytelling and whenever a story is told honestly from the heart the audience love it. So whoever wants to make a mark in this industry in any way , just work hard with all your heart . 
Editor: Your fitness mantra.

R.Y: Meditate, spend time with yourself , Be self disciplined and consistent in the choice of your physical activity, eat healthy food very important to have food discipline , don’t eat more than required. Don’t let the fat come in it brings a lot of diseases with it. 

Editor: Your motivational advise to people who want to enter this very tough field of acting and make it big.

R.Y:know yourself very well .. Enter this field only for passion. Educate yourself before taking this profession Keep working on yourself . Never give up . … God bless .

Author: sarkarimirror