Kapil Sharma Show lacks lustre without audience.

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New Delhi

By Editor-in-Chief (Tarun Sharma)

Kapil Sharma show which is known for its humurous content on Sony yesterday was telecasted after lockdown as there government guidelines hindered shoots in lockdown period.

The show seemed to me lacked lustre as of any show audience is the backbone and as the audience was not present the show seemed not so attractive and lacked interest as in previous shows audience involvement was also a major part in show success but there were placard audience not real one in the show this time due to covid 19 restrictions.

Sonu sood was the first to come as guest on show as the show resumed after lockdown.Even as the format changed and the audience was connected through video stream kapil sharma to me seemed a little not that confident.

The views expressed are mine and may vary but to me for any show audience presence is like heartbeat for any show ,lets see how this new format of Kapil sharma shows grab TRP to me it seems it may not be able to grab its previous TRP with the new format.

Author: sarkarimirror