Kejriwal led Government has failed in managing Covid19 in Delhi as distressed people narrations says the truth

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By Editor-in-Chief (Tarun Sharma)

New Delhi

With rising covid19 cases in delhi and no respite in slowing down it seems delhi scenario on covid 19 management has gone bleak.

Hospitals are turning positive patients back with no availability of beds be it pvt or government run,even the tests of covid19 had been stopped in 6 major hospital labs ,how will a person who can become critical by covid get treatment at the earliest and save his or her life if he even dont know whether he is positive if these 6 labs fall near their residence.

It seems like Kejriwal led Delhi government is a failure in handling Covid 19 control and treatment. Innocent people are dying because of covid19 as they had been denied admissions because of non availability of beds or by hospital who fear to admit covid patients.

The CM Arvind kejriwal seems so positive on control and management of disease on national televisions but people who died of covid19 due to lack.of treatment their relatives have different story to say.

Whom to believe politicians or people who have suffered ,but what we see on preparedness on channels is hard to believe as Kejriwal government covid management plan by his team seems to be not working and an effective strategy at the earliest can only prevent the cases In Delhi from increasing and pepole recovering with proper treatment.

A distressed person tweet below shows how covid is being handled in Delhi

Author: sarkarimirror