New Delhi: It is not just men alone who have a weakness for speed. Women are also hitting the road with the mean machines. Super sports car brands like Lamborghini and Porsche are out to woo women buyers in India, a segment that can help these expand the nascent Indian market. Italian brand Lamborghini is trying to do something it has never done anywhere, globally.

The company identified 10 women who could be potential buyers and organised a 50-km drive for them from central Delhi to the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida on Sunday. They are wives or daughters of leading businessmen or are successful entrepreneurs or executives. The firm declined to name them. Sunday’s drive was led by Kolkata’s Sheetal Dugar, wife of a businessman who became the first Indian woman to own a Lamborghini Huracan early this year. The Huracan comes for Rs 3 crore.

“The ownership among women is going up. We need to create a platform for better engagement with them. The women who have participated in the drive could be the next owners of our cars in India,” said Sharad Agarwal, head of Lamborghini India.

Last month, Porsche offered its Cayenne, priced above Rs 1 crore, for a 20-day women’s expedition across the Himalayas. “Women buyers form an important part of our business. Initiatives such as these have resulted in an increase in interest among the women customers and one of our first customers for the new 911 is also a woman,” said Pavan Shetty, director, Porsche India.

Companies like Lamborghini and Porsche are already appealing to Indian women. “I am not a sedan or a sports utility vehicle person. I have been driving a sports car for years now. I am driving a Porsche 911 these days,” said Sonica Malhotra, joint managing director of Delhi-based MBD Group which has interests in education and hospitality. Monica, her sister drives a Porsche, too.

The range of super sports car in India begins at about Rs 1.5 crore and goes well above Rs 3 crore. A total of 55 such cars were sold last calendar year among companies like Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Aston Martin.


Author: sarkarimirror