At a Digi Dhan programme in New Delhi on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched mobile payment app BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money).

All transactions will soon happen through the BHIM app, which is named after Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, a towering personality who worked tirelessly for Dalits  and the poor


The BHIM app will have strong security features. Transactions can be made using one’s fingerprint

 Furthering digital connectivity would do wonders for our nation

 So far fingerprint stood for illiterate people and is looked down upon. But  in a role reversal, fingerprints will now be your bank, identity and business

The Prime Minister exhorted citizens to do at least five  digital transactions daily from January 1 to promote cashless economy.

India is a young nation where 65 per cent of the population is below 35 years of age. If all of them shift to digital transactions, it will be historic and change the face of India

The BHIM app will empower the poor, Dalits , farmers and tribals

World over people were amazed at a poor country like India using electronic mode for elections. Now we are moving to create a digital payment revolution

Technology is the biggest power and it will empower the poorest of the poor. I can bring a lot of opportunities for the optimistic, but I have nothing to offer to the pessimistic people

 Stock market transactions in India have been happening through the digital mode for a long time. But there are some people still questioning the ability of Indians to adopt to the digital system

Earlier, the conversation was about money being siphoned off from the system through scams in 2G auction and coal auction. But now the conversation is about money coming into the system and in poor people’s bank accounts

Some politicians had criticised the demonetisation exercise saying the government broke a mountain only to catch rats. They are right. We want to catch the rats who are stealing the poor people’s hard-earned money

The media hauls up people including those in power if they don’t follow traffic rules or if they don’t keep their surroundings clean. Similarly, I see the media playing a role in popularising  the digital payment drive by pulling up people who don’t adopt digital modes of transactions.

India is now ready to fight its own weaknesses, poverty and the corrupt who like termites  have weakened the system People want honesty  and hope for a better future.

The previous UPA regime wanted to win votes by announcing the increase in the number of free/subsidised cooking gas cylinders from nine to 12. But my government wants the well-off  to give up their LPG subsidy altogether. So far 1.2 crore people have given up LPG subsidy and 2.5 crore poor people have benefited from their decision.

All the policies of this government is for the benefit of the poor, and to transform the country for the better. So from January 1, 2017 each of you should make a resolution to make at least five transactions through the digital mode. It will soon become a habit from which the nation will benefit

Author: sarkarimirror