NewsOnAir Radio Live-stream Global Rankings

NewsOnAir Radio Live-stream Global Rankings

Germany and Kuwait make it to top 10, AIR News 24*7 climbs up the ladder

Posted On: 07 JUL 2021, Delhi

In the latest Rankings of top countries in the world (excluding India) where All India Radio Live-streams on NewsOnAir App are most popular,Fiji has jumped from 5th position to 2nd, while Saudi Arabia has made a comeback in top 10. Kuwait and Germany are new entrants, while France and New Zealand are no more in top 10. United States continues to be number 1.

In what is an important feat, All India Radio’s Telugu and Tamil live-stream services are popular in United States, while AIR Punjabi service is popular in United Kingdom.

In major changes in rankings of top AIR streams globally (excluding India), AIR News 24*7has moved oneposition up from Rank 7 to 6, while AIR Tamil has slipped from spot 6 to 10.

More than 240 Radio Services of All India Radio are live-streamed on NewsOnAir App, PrasarBharati’s official App. These All India Radio Streams on NewsOnAir App have a large number of listeners not just in India, but globally, in more than 85 countries and 8000 cities across the globe.

Here’s a glimpse at the top countries, apart from India, where AIR live-streams on NewsOnAirApp are most popular; top All India Radio streams on NewsOnAir App in rest of the world. You can also find the country-wise breakup of the same. These rankings are based on fortnightly data, from June 16 to June 30, 2021. This data doesn’t include India.

NewsOnAirGlobal Top 10 streams

RankTop Streams
1VividhBharati National
2FM Gold Delhi
3FM Rainbow Delhi
4AIR Malayalam
5AIR Chennai Rainbow
6News 24×7
7AIR Punjabi
8AIR Kodaikanal
9Asmita Mumbai
10AIR Tamil

NewsOnAir Top Countries (Rest of world)

1United States
4United Kingdom
6United Arab Emirates
9Saudi Arabia

NewsOnAir Top 10 AIR streams – Country-wise (Rest of World)

1VividhBharati NationalVividhBharati NationalVividhBharati NationalVividhBharati NationalVividhBharati National
2FM Gold DelhiFM Gold DelhiFM Gold DelhiAIR PunjabiFM Gold Delhi
3FM Rainbow DelhiFM Rainbow DelhiFM Rainbow DelhiFM Rainbow DelhiFM Rainbow Delhi
4AIR Telugu AIR MalayalamFM Gold DelhiAIR Chennai Rainbow
5AIR Tamil AIR Chennai RainbowAIR Chennai RainbowAIR Raagam
6AIR Raagam News 24×7AIR TamilNews 24×7
7FM Rainbow Mumbai AIR PunjabiAsmita MumbaiAIR Malayalam
8News 24×7 Rainbow Kannada KaamanbiluRainbow Kannada KaamanbiluAIR Punjabi
9Asmita Mumbai AIR Hyderabad VBSAIR GujaratiAIR Tamil
10Rainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu AIR RaagamAIR MalayalamAIR Coimbatore FM Rainbow

NewsOnAir Top 10 AIR streams – Country-wise (Rest of World)

#UAESingaporeKuwaitSaudi ArabiaGermany
1VividhBharati NationalVividhBharati NationalVividhBharati NationalVividhBharati NationalVividhBharati National
2AIR MalayalamAIR KodaikanalAIR MalayalamAIR ManjeriFM Gold Delhi
3AIR Chennai RainbowAIR KaraikalAIR KodaikanalAIR MalayalamFM Rainbow Delhi
4AIR AnanthapuriAIR Chennai RainbowAIR Kochi FM RainbowAIR Kozhikode FMAIR Mysuru
5AIR Chennai VBSAIR Tiruchirappalli FMAIR AnanthapuriNews 24×7FM Rainbow Lucknow
6AIR Kochi FM RainbowAIR Puducherry RainbowAIR KaraikalAIR AnanthapuriRainbow Kannada Kaamanbilu
7AIR KodaikanalAIR Coimbatore FM RainbowAIR Chennai RainbowFM Gold DelhiNews 24×7
8AIR ManjeriRainbow Kannada KaamanbiluAIR CuddapahFM Rainbow DelhiFM Rainbow Mumbai
9AIR Kozhikode FMAIR MaduraiAIRTiruchirappalli FMAIR Chennai RainbowAIR Kodaikanal
10News 24×7AIR MalayalamFM Rainbow VijayawadaAIR KodaikanalAIR Manjeri

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