Okaya EV Announces Exciting April Offers: Avail benefits up to INR 1750 on free test rides and Buy Now win cashback up to INR 5000

Okaya EV Announces Exciting April Offers: Avail benefits up to INR 1750 on free test rides and Buy Now win cashback up to INR 5000

  • Okaya EV is offering exciting offers on electric scooters, and consumers will get an instant reward on the test ride
  • With every purchase of an Okaya e-scooter, customers can win a trip to Thailand or assured cashback of up to INR 5000
    New Delhi, 16th April 2023: Okaya EV, India’s fastest-growing electric vehicle brand, has announced exclusive offers for its valued customers. With every test drive of an Okaya e-scooter, consumer will receive discount coupons of popular brands and can avail the benefits of up to INR 1750. In addition, customers who buy the scooter can win an assured cashback of up to INR 5000 or a trip to Thailand.
    The offer is applicable to all Okaya e-scooters, which come in both low and high-speed versions in six vibrant colors: Metallic Black, Metallic Cyan, Matte Green, Metallic Grey, Metallic Silver, and Metallic White.
    Okaya Test Ride Offer:
    Customers will get the shopping vouchers only after completing their Test Drive. Take a selfie of Test Drive along with the dealer & publish the post on their Facebook/Instagram using #ridewithokayaev.
    Offer will be valid for all the customers who submit the test drive application/form through the Facebook/Instagram
    Offer will be valid till 30th April-2023
    Okaya Carnival Offer:
    Customers can participate by purchasing an Okaya e-scooter from any of the Okaya dealers across the country.
    Customers will receive a link on their registered phone number. Via the link, they would be required to submit the details of their purchase. Customers will then receive a scratch card that will reveal their prize.
    Okaya EV is committed to promoting sustainable transportation options and making electric vehicles more accessible to the general public. Consumers can experience Okaya EV two-wheelers equipped with an LFP (Lithium iron phosphate) battery, which has a longer lifespan compared to NMC battery. LFP batteries are highly safe, can function well in high-temperature Indian weather conditions, and have improved discharge and charge efficiency.
    Okaya EV Scooters:
    Faast F4 is the fast electric scooter available in India at a starting price of INR 1,13,999 (ex-showroom). It is equipped with exciting features such as Keyless entry, Motor Lock W/ Remote, Digital Instrument Cluster, Reverse and Walk Assist, etc. A performance-packed e-Scooter Okaya Faast F4 offers 3 speed modes. With a blazing top speed of 70 km/hour, it offers 140-160 km per charge. Okaya Faast generates Peak Power of 2500W from its motor. It has a combi-braking system with 12″ tubeless tires. It is studded with 2 batteries, giving a total output of 4.4 kWh.
    Faast F3, priced at INR 104,999 (ex-showroom), offers an exceptional range of 125 Km on a single charge, is waterproof and dust-resistant, and has a maximum speed of 70 Km based upon loading capacity. The scooter is powered by a 1200W motor delivering peak power of 2500W, along with 3.53 kWh Li-ion LFP Dual batteries with switchable technology to extend battery life.

  • Faast F2F is powered by 800W-BLDC-Hub Motor, paired with 60V36Ah (2.2 kWh) LFP battery that meets the highest safety standards, and comes with a 2-year warranty on the battery and motor. With a remarkable range of 70–80 km on a single charge and a top speed of 55 km/h, it is priced at INR 83,999 (ex-showroom).
    Freedum, on the other hand, is offered at a starting price of INR 74,899 in India, in five different colors: Midnight Black, Military Green, Tantalizing Blue, Pearl White, and Fiery Red. It also generates 250w power from its motor and offers a 70-75 km riding range per charge.

  • Okaya Faast F2B is available at a starting price of INR 94,999 in India. It is powered by a 1.2kW motor mated to a 2.2 kWh battery. With generating Peak Power of 2500W from its motor it offers 70-80 km maximum range per charge with under seat storage capacity of up to 25 litres.
    About OKAYA EV

    A frontrunner in India’s electric mobility space, Okaya Electric Vehicles (Okaya EV) offers a wide array of EV solutions such as EVs, EV charging and battery swapping solutions. Synonymous with trust and quality, Okaya Group is a pioneer in battery manufacturing in India for four decades. It has over 130 million satisfied customers, spread across 4, 61,000 villages, towns, and cities in 42 countries and 5 continents. Okaya Group is a significant player in the fields of electric vehicles, EV charging stations, auto components, energy storage systems, lithium, and lead acid batteries, solar street lights, solar home lighting systems, uninterrupted power supplies, inverters, stabilisers, MCB, MCCB, circuit breakers, wires, cables, and medical electronics under the Okaya brand. Okaya introduced the Environmental Management System and Environmental Policy System under its CSR efforts. Additionally, in cohesion with its dedication to environment preservation, Okaya EV has entered the EV segment and provides the nation with affordable, sustainable and clean mobility via its line of Zero Emission Electric Two-Wheelers.

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