Onion rates spikes in Delhi ,vegetables on normal rates.

New Delhi, February 23, 2021 :

Onion rates have spiked in Delhi following the shooting up of its prices in Maharashtra, one of the largest onion-producing states in India.

In the national capital, the price is running close to Rs 50 per kilogram in the wholesale market. At the same time, its retail price hovers between Rs 60 to 70 per kilogram. Dealers attribute the decrease in supply as the reason for the price rise of the Indian kitchen staple. However, the rates of other vegetables are normal, most of which are supplied from Haryana.

“At this moment rates of the vegetables are cheaper in the market. There was a hike in the past few days but prices are reasonable after the arrival of new vegetables in the market,” Satyadev Prasad Gupta, Chairman of Delhi’s Gazipur wholesale vegetable market, told ANI.

In addition to Delhi, the price of the onion has gone up in Maharashtra and Goa as well. Several states have reported damage to the onion crops due to unseasonal rain towards the end of 2020. Courtesy: (ANI)