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After serving the “Strike Notice” on 9th June, 2016 under the provisions of Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 by NFIR Affiliates and Production Units on the respective General Managers of Zonal Railways and Production Units on the call of National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) and National Federation of Indian Railwaymen (NFIR), 13 lakh Railway employees besides the employees of Defence, Postal, Income Tax, Central Excise and Customs Department etc., will launch “Indefinite Strike” from 6 AM on 11th July, 2016 under the banner of NJCA in support of Charter of Demands and against the perverse recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission.

A massive demonstration in front of the Parliament at New Delhi was held on 24th June, 2016 with the participation of employees of Railways, defence, Postal , Income-Tax and other Central Government Department. Addressing the demonstration, Dr. M. Raghavaiah said that 6 months back, the Charter of Demands was submitted to the Government but the Government has not shown any positive attitude and hence the employees are compelled to go on “Indefinite Strike”.

URMU General Secretary, B.C. Sharma, addressed the massive gathering and said that on the demand of Government, public have left taking subsidy on LPG but whether the Government has any time asked to the M.Ps to leave the subsidy ?  He also said that if the demands of employees are not fulfilled, the “Indefinite Strike” from 11th July, is evitable and all the Central Government Employees will join the Strike along with Railway employees. He also desired that Railway employees should also be granted one rank one pension like defence employees.


NFIR Press Secretary and URMU President, S.N. Malik said that it was found necessary by the NFIR and other JCM constituents to serve “Strike Notice” on the Government. He said that the 7th CPC Recommendations are totally against the expectations of employees and the Government has not taken serious view on modifying 7th CPC recommendations so far. He further said that through FDI, the Government is bringing foreign companies into the country, the consequences of which may enslave the country again. The Government has reached memorandum of undertaking with foreign companies for manufacturing locomotives and also for their maintenance in Bihar, which will deprive employment opportunities to the young generation of the country. Lakhs of vacancies are unfilled in Railways while Government proclaims to solve the unemployment problem, which is amounting to betrayal of people of the country.

Following are the important demands :-

  1. Rectify retrograde recommendations of 7th CPC – Ensure minimum wage of Rs.26,000/- per month.
  2. Scrap New Pension Scheme and restore old pension scheme in Railways.
  3. The wards of the Railway employees be appointed in Railways as per their qualifications.
  4. Remove salary calculation ceiling on Productivity Linked Bonus for Railway employees.
  5. One Rank One Pension be implemented in Railways as in Defence forces.
  6. Settle MACPS anomalies.
  7. Dependent Parents of Railway employees be sanctioned Railway Pass and Medical facilities.
  8. Remove the scarcity of Doctors in Railways.

Author: sarkarimirror