Saturn a Judge and a Rewarder depicts Vedic Astrology – Article by Ajay Kapoor a research student of Astrology and an Architect by Profession.

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Saturn a Judge and a rewarder depicts Vedic Astrology an article series on saturn ( Part-1 ) – By Ajay Kapoor,Jyotish Acharya from Institute of Astrology,Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan,New Delhi

(views expressed are solely of the author)

Vedic Astrology is surely for giving a direction in moments of need and problem, it should be easily termed as guidance or MARGDARSHAN!!!

Our solar system consists of Sun and other planets which are revolving around Sun due to gravity.Inner planets are mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars which are called terrestrial planets as they comprise of rock and metals( they are close to Sun).Outer planets Jupiter and Saturn (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not considered in Vedic Astrology) are very large size and gaseous in nature ( Hydrogen and Helium gases).So total planets to be considered in Vedic Astrology are :- Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu.Moon is considered very important along with ascendant and is natural satellite of Earth. Where as Rahu/ Ketu are not physical bodies/ planets but only mathematically calculated points having immense influence over the natives on Earth.

SATURN:- Here onward we will be discussing Vedic aspects of Saturn which is farthest planet of our solar system.

• Saturn is second largest planet after Jupiter.

• Saturn is appx 1.4 billion kms away from    Sun

.• Temperature at Saturn is appx -178 degree• Diameter of Saturn is Appx 116,464 kms.

• Age of Saturn is Appx 4.5 billion years.

• Saturn rotation around Sun is completed in    29.5 years.

• Saturn rotation on its own Axis is    Completed in 10.5 hours

.• Saturn has 53 named moons, Titan is  Biggest of them

.•  Saturn is nine times wider than earth

.• Saturn colour is Blue 

• Saturn numerology number is 8

.• Saturn is more powerful in night.

• Saturn rules west direction and in 7 House gets directional strength

.• Saturn Mahadasha period is 19 years.

• Saturn gets Exalted 20 degree in Libra sign , which belongs to Venus

.• Saturn gets debilitated 20 degree in Aries, which belongs to Mars.

• Saturn signs are Capricorn and Aquarius.

• Saturn Mool trikon Sign is Aquarius.

• Saturn Nakshatra’s are:-   

Pushya :-In cancer Sign 3°20’ to 16°40   

Anuradha:-In Scorpio Sign 3°20 to 16°40   

Uttar bhadrapad:- In Pisces Sign 3°20’ to    16°40’.

Saturn is karka for 6,8,10,12 houses in Vedic Astrology.

6th House signifies:- Debts, loan, competition, disease, obstacle, court cases, maternal uncles etc.

8th House signifies:- Deaths, Rebirth, longevity, transformation, battles, enemies, ancestral property, research, occult science, hidden things etc.

10th House signifies:- Original house of Capricorn in kal purush kundli, Authority, honours, profession, father, debts, living abroad etc.

12th house signifies:- history of enemies, expenses, own health, hospitalisation etc.

Karaktatvas considered for Saturn:-

In Vedic Astrology karaktatvas for Saturn are Career, karmas, profession, delays, hardworking, longevity, poverty, kingdom, under privileged people, windy diseases, adversities, services, old age, dishonour, troubles, boundaries, limitations, restrictions, losses, theft , servant, grief, sorrow, imprisonments, under ground mineral, mental tensions, failure, obstruction, traveling to foreign countries, success will come slow but sure, native becomes bold in middle age

.• Saturn in general is Tamasik planet by nature.

• Saturn relationships with Sun, Moon, Mars are inimical.

• Saturn relationships with mercury, Venus, Rahu are friendly.

• Saturn relationships with Jupiter are neutral.


Saturn is teacher / guru who shows us the right path but he wants us to walk on that way alone and very slowly. Saturn wants us to face our fears and fight with the demons inside our mind, Saturn is karma so he wants us to first understand ourselves before evaluating others. In same process he will throw us to troubles and let us try to conquer our weaknesses. Saturn makes us work harder and surrender before almighty without expecting much of results.”

Saturn aspects will be favourable or unfavourable can be decided after checking it’s position ( Rashi and House) :

if Saturn is strong un aspected by malefic, will give good results.If Saturn is weak and aspected by malefic, will not give good results.

If Saturn is exalted =excellent results

If mool trikon = very good results 

If in own sign = good results 

If in friends sign = reasonable good

 If debilitated sign = extremely bad result

 If in enemy sign = very bad results

 If combust = bad results

 If in neutral sign = mixed results

 Further PACE should also be considered

 P = position A = aspected C = conjunction E = exchange of Sign 

Saturn aspects 3rd house, 7th house and 10th house from its natal position:

Results of 3 aspects are checked according to their position (good or bad ).

Saturn 7th Aspect :-Saturn aspect on house 180 degree away or 7th house/ Rashi from its natal position. It will give hard work, limitations, restrictions for desired results. Same results can be reversed if Saturn is strong and well placed   ( exalted, MT etc) natives will gain after hard work, native will cross all limitations/ restrictions and reach to desired goals- slowly but surely.

Saturn 3rd Aspect :- Saturn aspect on house 60 degrees away or 3rd house/ Rashi from its natal position. It will give struggles, irritation, delays and self efforts. Same results can be reversed if Saturn is strong and well placed ( exalted, MT etc) natives will Overcome irritations , success with self efforts/ struggle/ delays.

Saturn 10th Aspects :- Saturn aspect on house 270 degrees away from its natal position. It will give dishonour, losses, troubles, service, kingdom, poverty. Same results can be reversed if Saturn is strong and well placed   ( exalted, MT etc) natives will Make profit but after delays, overcoming troubles, becoming honourable, can get favours from government/ king , can have many servants.

Saturn rules body parts :– Bones, joints, teeth , legs etc.

Saturn related diseases:– Arthritis, weak joints, Anemia, paralysis, weight loss, blindness etc.

Profession related to Saturn:– labour, service , politics, coal , oil , judges , lawyers, iron factories, engineers, real estate, Administration, hospital, prison, mining, mechanics, archaeologists, Architects, leather goods etc.

My next article on Saturn will cover sade sati , Saturn effects on different planets and ascendants , within best of my knowledge. So keep visiting.

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