Schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will now have to disclose key details including fees, infrastructure, safety measures and educational qualification of their teaching staff.

This information has to be uploaded on both, the school as well as the CBSE board’s websites. In a circular issued by the Deputy Secretary Affiliation, schools have been asked to upload this information by the end of November.

The information sought by the board from all schools is fairly comprehensive and even includes balance sheets, audit reports, student enrolment as well as the academic calendar of events.

The board has also asked schools to upload a five-minute video that displays a “panoramic” view of the campus with images of classrooms, laboratories, playgrounds and libraries. It has even sought details of Internet WiFi speed and MBPS and web-based learning programmes if a school has them on offer. Along with this information, schools will have to list facilities offered such as sports trainings, canteens, hostels, mess and so on. On the matter of fees, the CBSE has asked schools to specify the amount it charges students per standard as well as the division of fees under various categories. These include monthly fee, admission fee, development charges and building fund.

The move has been welcomed by parents and education experts. Sanjay K, a software professional, whose children study in the CBSE schools in Bengaluru said: “Although the CBSE has been sending circulars asking schools to make many of these facilities and fees more transparent, a majority of the schools do not comply with this. Making this mandatory is good as parents will be able to view all the details before admitting their children to school.”

Manju Sharma, principal of Delhi Public School (Bangalore South), said that the list was an exhaustive and detailed. “While some of the details are vital and may be useful for the board to regulate, others are unnecessary,” she said.

Schools will also have to put details of the sexual harassment committee online and as well as details of members to be contacted in case of an emergency

Author: sarkarimirror