Seems like Modi Government efforts in controlling Covid 19 pandemic has proved futile as Cases going out of control ?

Seems like Modi Government efforts in controlling Covid pandemic has proved futile ?

New Delhi

Hospitals running out of oxygen ,beds not available for people in need, doctors on shortage,treatment vaccine not in supply.

Still do we feel that we have an efficient healthcare system which is capable of controlling this pandemic.

Why on last moment the preparations or urgency is being looked after and not why our efficient bureaucracy can create an infrastructure in advance to cope up with pandemics.

If we percieve all these on a broader perspective
the government in power is proving inefficient in controlling covid pandemic as the cases are surging day by day in all states and the medical infrastructure has crashed and cant handle the number of cases.

People are forced to cure themselves at home as going to hospital and finding a bed is a war like situation for patients as no bed available is a straight reply hospitals are giving to patients in need.

its a wake up call for governance It seems.

Author: sarkarimirror