Students need to resolve and understand things through their own personal lens without any external or internal impact : Dr Reshma

Posted on: March 23, 2022

Students need to resolve and understand things through their own personal lens without any external or internal impact : Dr Reshma

 Aligarh Muslim University   in a bid to develop students self-awareness  has organized a session

Students of Advanced Center for Gender Studies, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh   organized a session on  Self Development and Self Awareness.  The session  presented by Dr Reshma, Renowned development coach , was aimed to help students identify themselves in a proper and independent way. The session  was inaugurated by Director and Prof. Azra Musavi, she was accompanied by Assistant Professor Dr. Tarushhika Sarvesh and Assistant Professor Sheeraz Ahmad.

Dr. Reshma spoke on self development and self awareness as she believes that it is the need of every human being to grow, succeed and achieve all goals in life. The main highlights of the webinar was knowing ourselves, becoming more mindful and aware of our needs and aspirations in the pursuit of growth and development. She says, “Self discovery is the first step taken towards self actualization.” She shared the importance of embracing your flaws first to bring change within as change starts with self. She also spoke about reengineering your mind in order to have a positive mindset and felt mental conditioning is equally important to be inculcated.  She focused on sharpening and enhancing skills for career advancement. She conducted activities for students to help them understand themselves better and set goals for their life. She also emphasized on the power of creating an intent and the power of visualization to manifest goals. She told students to inculcate powerful habits to be able to achieve dreams and succeed in life.

 Further in her session, the coach, who is also an Expert in Life Relations and Skills, underlined the crucial effect of the subconscious mind in one’s life and reactions. “Life is all about 3 P’s pursuing your passion, looking out for possibilities and leading with a positive mindset” says, Dr. Reshma, the founder and Director of an NGO, Jan Aakansha’ and company, ‘The Catalyst’ , a coaching and training company. She is an exemplary leader with more than two decades of experience as a catalyst transforming people through her coaching, training and mentoring. She has a doctorate in social work and is passionate about her vision of supporting people in reaching their highest potential. She is an ICF certified life and executive coach guiding people develop in the personal and professional arena. She hails from a humble background brought up by her mother with high virtues who has been her source of inspiration. Seeing the struggles of life at a young age motivated her constantly to be an achiever. At a young age she was aware of her purpose and planned her life keeping that in mind. Since then she has traversed many paths and overcome many hurdles to be where she is today. She is an influencer with a “Midas touch’ catalyzing the lives of many.Dr. Reshma started her own organization and decided to work for the unprivileged children and women. She has been instrumental in changing the lives of more than 100,000 children, creating awareness on various pertinent issues, providing care and protection in the form of shelter to the homeless, rescuing children and mainstreaming them to education. She has coached around 10,000 people on leading successful lives in harmony with self and others. She has coached and trained more than 5000 women on leadership.

She has presented and authored academic papers on different national and international platforms. She has authored in edited books presenting challenges and solutions in social work. She has been appreciated in the form of interviews on social media platforms by various organisations. She has received woman of substance award and women achiever award by Naramada Samiti on Woman’s day for exemplary work in the social sector. She was interviewed in ‘Women who inspire us’ series by Medium. Her life and journey has inspired many, her never give up attitude was demonstrated when she quit her job and pursued her higher studies in her 40s. She is an epitome of wisdom, courage, and empathy. Her Success mantra is to move forward in life with grit and grace in every situation. She believes that life comes with challenges and possibilities that can be navigated by believing in yourself and having a growth mindset. Dr. Reshma aspires to influence the lives of many more and help them steer their lives. She intends for every person to live their life in harmony, maximising every part of their life. To know more about Dr Reshma and to remain inspired from her life, follow her on:Instagram- Dr.reshma_thecatalyst

At the end of the  session  there was a Q &A where the queries of the students were addressed.  Students shared that the session was very impactful and it will be helpful for their future, they even mentioned that they were thankful for the session.  Prof. Azra said that she found the webinar very interesting and was able to see the benefit of it for the students who have been confined to their homes due to covid, she also felt it is good for students to have someone like Dr. Reshma to coach , mentor and guide student and prepare them to deal with the challenges of life. She thanked Dr. Reshma for a wonderful session.

Author: sarkarimirror