With Covid 19 cases soaring in Delhi is mask rule sufficient,what’s stopping Kejriwal government to impose a strategic lockdown again to prevent casualties.

New Delhi

By Editor-in-Chief (Tarun Sharma)

With Covid 19 cases rising so exorbitantly in New Delhi,is the rule of mask only can prevent casualties due to coronavirus.The fact is it can’t as social distancing is merely seen in important crowded areas and also the lower strata on street earning their bread and butter can’tbe monitored for masks as against the population of Delhi the task force to implement it may be too small.

why is it so that Arvind Kejriwal government can’t put a strategic lockdown areawise in north ,south,west,east delhi on alternate weeks as an idea which may control the rapid increase in cases .What is it that stopping the government to impose a lockdown.

Citizens life should be of utmost important to bureaucracy and they should be prompt inhandling medical urgencies but due to so high cases in Delhi ,covid 19 patients are turned down from hospitals because of over occupancy and lack of ICU beds.

At this moment only lockdown in a strategic manner can control the rise in cases as people are all out on streets and to control the virus people movement should also be restricted that’s my view.

Author: sarkarimirror