World countries effected by corona should isolate relations with China as they recover from this,as Corona seems to be a biological weapon used by them.

By Editor-in-Chief

New Delhi

As most of the countries in the world are now affected by coronavirus which originated from Wuhan China. The world is struggling and this deadly virus has taken so many lives and infected millions. How is it that no general or parliamentarian.of China is infected by this deadly virus. How did the setups came up to manage the casualties which occured in china by this deadly virus and now today is virus free. These arrangements of recovery may not have been made overnight as its not possible. This clearly reflects that it might have been a well planned conspiracy to spread the virus worldwide and to cripple their economies ,so that china originates more stronger economically.

Covid 19 virus may have been designed by china to use it as a biological weapon and thats what is happening as the viruses are mostly not so rapidly spreading,so to deal with large populations at a faster pace this virus may been designed in such a manner that no antidote could be available at a short time.

Its high time the countries worldwide which has been effected by this deadly virus after recovering from this pandemic by god grace soon isolate china in all relations so that such pandemics don’t happen in future.