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It was as usual a Saturday like others but what surprise was in store I came to know when I entered the Kamani Auditorium around 6.30 pm ,at the entrance was the kiosk of Shallu Jindal preforming live ,there were people who seemed like Jindal group employees who were clicking there pics before that kiosk of Shallu Jindal and on the floor before it was handcrafted floral decoration which was very appeasing to the eyes and the very beginning of entering the zone gave a refreshing treat to eyes and to the mind that the big thing was awaiting inside.


The Kamani auditorium was having few inhabitants when I entered around 6.30 but as there was time for  the  performance to happen which was to start at 7 pm ,I went for the cafeteria within the auditorium ,but to the surprise the tables were dirty to sit on and even the food which we had was not upto the standards which it should have being seeing the location of the auditorium and the gentry which visits the same for viewing the performances of the acclaimed artists.


After a brief refreshment went inside the auditorium and got myself accommodated to the seats allocated to the media segment. To the surprise the auditorium was jam-packed then and people were looking for seats here and there.The front three rows were occupied by the VIP’s and then saw Mr. Navin Jindal,Indian Politician entering the auditorium with his family members and guests and he looked as usual daper in his dress with an INDIA flag decorating on its black  vest which really showed his great patriotism,even I met him at the end of the show for a while as he was busy with guests.


The event kickstarted with the great Guru of Shallu Jindal and Savitri Devi Ji coming on the stage to light the diyas to commence the start of the performance.


Then the accompanyist started the show with their great music skills which was breathtaking ,the violin,the tabla,the flute and the vocalist were so much enthralling that it was a real feast for mind,body and soul.


Shallu entered the stage and the beginning was the salutation to the almighty with which her performance started.


Shallu was at her best on the stage which I observed while she was performing,bing a novice to dance forms like Kuchipudi I was awestruck,the hand movement ,body movements and eyes all were coordinating as directed by the mind,and the performance was totally flawless leaving the audience spellbound.


Even to my surprise I have been on shows but never seen such an audience who were very well behaved and gave due respect to the artist performance by putting their phones on mute as no phone rang which usually disrupts the performance enjoyment and even the applaud which this audience gave to the performer Shallu Jindal and its accompanist reverberated with claps in the auditorium,It was a historical moment I think for the auditorium too as it saw one of the best performer perform live and the audience loving it and enjoying every moment of it.


All the performances whether it was salutation to the almighty,Saanso Ki Mala or dancing on the thaali were unmatchable ,but to me the Saanson Ki Mala and the last performance in which yashasvini the daughter of Shallu made her debut with her mother on stage was truly something which was great only on or two steps where she stood on one leg were not matching with her mother but otherwise it was totally a great performance seeing his practice against her mothers who have put roughly 15 years now into the Kuchipudi dance form.


The best part of Saanson ki mala performance was that you could really feel as an audience that how your breaths form a crucial part of life and watching the performance even I felt that the breaths we take really matters and your mind compositon is based on how you take your breaths.


Madhushalla wa also one of the unique performance wherin the love for lord in the performance was purely reflected the jhoomna ,like a madira seekers jhoom was so well portrayed by shallu that I can bet the audience themselves would have had the mandira effect on their mind without drinking.


Then came the performance of the duo mother and daughter Yashasvini enacting the lord Krishna and Radha as Shallu ,Yashasvini fondly called Yahsu was full of the lord power when she performed and seemed like lord krishna himself is performing in Yashasvini form.


I loved the performances and the audience loved it too.


At the end of the performance ,Shallu extended vote of thanks to his Guru’s without whom she wouldn’t have did this.Shallu plans to open centres for promoting Kuchipudi in Orrisa and in Delhi too.Shallu believes in giving something to the community in your lifetime and the life should be led meaningfully.She even thanked her political husband Navin Jindal for the support he gives her in persuading this art.


Then I met Mr. Navin Jindal and asked him what he thinks how the Government should preserve this legacy the dance artform Kuchipudi and his reply was ask Shallu as she will answer it more appropriately ,but as I had to rush couldn’t meet again Shallu for this reply which I will definitely ask her one day.


But to me tomorrow performance which I saw was a historical one for me ,If  people like Shallu and Yashasvini the youth representative come forward and pursue this dance form Kuchipudi then gone are the days this  artform will go extinct in INDIA.

But the Government in Power should also open eyes and preserve the Dance forms which are on the verge of extinction and promote them by opening academies for the same or supporting people who are persuing them.


It was a purely divine performance of Kuchipudi by Shallu Jindal and Yashasvini ,while on the other hand our youth is not connected with this so much at present and has a bent for Bollywood which is now more turning into glamour and the talent is losing its grip.


I wish I could see this performances happening almost daily and footfall increasing more to these auditoriums a s compared to cinema halls Nationally and if any lawmaker or Governance people have gone through this article my sincere request to them is to support the cause and extend their help to such cause.

Author: sarkarimirror