2020: An Astrological View to the Deadly Year – By Asavri Rekha Singhal

By Asavri Rekha Singhal

New Delhi

(The author of this article is a Jyotish Acharya from Institute of Astrology,Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,New Delhi ,views expressed are solely of the author)

While we all have been quarantined and in deep shock with what this year has brought us, we question ourselves as to why isn’t there any ray of hope coming our way, why have we been reading such grief-stricken news daily since the end of 2019. Beginning from Australia Bush Fire, Iran USA tensions where multiple sites and a Passenger Plane was attacked, CAA in India leading to tensions amongst Hindu Muslims and Riots in Delhi killing hundreds, to the Deadly Covid 19 which has filled people with fear, made them hostages in their own homes and brought the biggest Economic Slowdown.

Astrology, the Vedic Science, have got answers to these questions that have occupied our mind. The Conjunction of Outer Planets (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) indicates turning point in the history which has brought devastating incidents but also new beginnings. The results of these conjunction are related to the Significations of the Planets involved in Conjunction.

Mars is God of War, representing violence, mass murders, mass tragedies, terrorism, unnatural deaths and epidemics when afflicted.

Jupiter is a Jeeva Planet representing resurrection and new order, it signifies Religion, Birth Rate, Finances, Business, International Cooperation, Peace and Prosperity. Saturn has been termed as Dukhkaraka by Kalidas as it represents Death, Natural Calamities, Diseases, Contraction, Wars, Agitation and Strikes.

When these planets come together in a Sign, they all together get afflicted and the affects are destructive. Rahu Ketu, the Inauspicious Shadowy Planets in Vedic Astrology, further worsen the results of the conjunction.

In 2019, Saturn was transiting through Sagittarius and was co-joined by Ketu and Jupiter in March 2019. Jupiter in April had fallen to Scorpio and in November joined Saturn and Ketu again in Sagittarius. If we recall, the Australia and New Zealand Bush Fires started in November and the CAA Act was introduced in December First Week. The Solar Eclipse on 26th December 2019, that had fallen on the Sagittarius and Gemini axis, agitated the effects of Conjunction and we witnessed rise in Australian Fires, strike against CAA Act, Rise in Iraq US Tensions indicating beginning of another World War and finally was followed by the spread of deadly Covid-19 that had initiated soon after the Saturn Jupiter Conjunction.

On January 24th, Saturn transited to Capricorn but Mars co-joined Jupiter and Ketu by entering Sagittarius on February 8th, leading to rapid spread of Corona virus around the globe. It was thereafter March 17th, when Mars conjoined Jupiter and Saturn in Nakshatra Uttarashadh, we saw sudden rise in cases and deaths, Delhi Riots where hundreds of people died. On March 22nd, Mars transit into Capricorn has worsen the situations with US becoming the next Epicentre for Virus, Italy and Spain has declared their failure in controlling the Virus and India has ultimately Locked Down the country in an attempt to control the spread. The situation ahead seems to worsen when Jupiter transits in Capricorn on March 30th and all the three planets come together forming the deadly combination.

According to Sh K. N. Rao, “It is necessary to remember that dramatic changes do not happen immediately after conjunction or opposition of Saturn and Jupiter. It is only when Mars conjoins or aspects it, the process appears very dramatic, violent and is remembered as a historical landmark.”

Looking at the tables, we might be surrounded by the questions as to why conjunction this year has turned to be more devastating than previous. Well, this year the conjunction began in Sagittarius and reestablished itself in Capricorn, hence it happened twice. Also, the conjunction in Sagittarius has Ketu along with it which is Karaka of ‘Sookshma Jeev’ representing Bacteria and Viruses, hence justifying the spread of Virus.

The condition shall improve in April end to May with advancement of Medical Facilities and as Mars leaves this conjunction on May 7th, the death rate shall go down. Yet it shall take some time to bring control to the condition. As the condition improves in coming time, we must still take precautions until this disease is completely brought down and not forget how highly contagious it is, since it is highly likely to reoccur later this year .

This conjunction takes place roughly in every 20 years. It doesn’t mark the end of the world but a new beginning and a chance for us to pause and realise that humanity stands above of all the worldly pleasures. A Fresh Start for us to be able to contribute to the world, come together, unite towards the same goal.

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