March 13th, 2023



Liver and Kidney transplant team of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital organized Organ Transplant Recipient’s Mela on 12th March 2023 to celebrate “The Gift of Life” of the patients who underwent transplant under their care. The event which had 500 Organ Transplant Recipients was graced by senior doctors and dignitaries. The motto of the Transplant social programme was “Berok Zindagi” after organ transplant. The event which was held at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on Sunday witnessed social program and performances by the patients who had undergone Kidney, Liver or Liver and Kidney Transplantation. 

“Transplant has transformed the life of our patients so that they can live a normal life and enjoy this gift of life being productive to their family and the society” said Dr. Manish Malik, Vice Chairperson, Department of Nephrology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Dr. Ushast Dhir, Vice-Chairperson, Department of Liver Transplantation said “Transplant is the beginning of new life and today we are celebrating this new life of our recipients in presence of their families with our youngest participant of 5 years and most senior participant of 73 years”. Te atmosphere of the social event was full of life and positivity. Families enjoyed watching live performances by transplant recipients.

The transplant recipients performed Couple ramp walk, baby show (transplant recipients who had baby after transplant), fashion show, singing, dancing and karaoke on the stage. Many patients shared their journey of transplant and new life with others. One of the patients, Mr. Tushar Rashmi Pant, who underwent Liver Transplant at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital shared his motivating story and said, “I am running one of the most successful PMT coaching institute in Uttrakhand after my transplant and work for over 12 hours daily teaching students to become future doctors”. A kidney transplant recipient, Mr. Balle Zama Senchi said, “I underwent kidney transplant 10 years ago at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and I am able to serve my country by imparting my duty of maintaining law and order and be promoted to the position of Deputy General of Police in Nigeria”.

Organ transplant is a both a lifesaving and life changing procedure. Every year, an estimated 1.5-2 lakh people need a kidney transplant but only 10000 were able to get one in 2022. Annually 80000 people need a liver transplant but less than 3000 were able to get one in 2022. Out of 10000 people who required a heart transplant only 250 were able to get one. Most people feel that life after transplant is just medicines and hospital visits. Today our transplant recipients are here to perform and show to the world they are no less than anyone in personal, social, academic or professional fields.

Dr. D.S. Rana, Chairman, Sir Ganga Ram Trust was the chief guest and Dr. Ajay Swaroop graced the event as Guest of honour and gave encouragement to the transplant recipients. The transplant social gave the message of pledging our organs after death. The international year of Millets 2023 was also promoted and savory food and snacks made from millets was demonstrated by chefs on a live counter.   

Author: sarkarimirror