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“The painter has universe in his mind and his hand.” – Leonardo Da Vinci.


ART, expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, providing work to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. It has various branches of creative activity such as painting, music, literature, dance and so on.

This particular article is about artist. For an artist, art is the mode of expressing themselves, therapy, meditation, and their inner self.


How to determine an artist via Birth Chart of the Native?

The profession here will broadly cover all form of paintings, self taught and learned artist. This is a very wide range and is difficult to be confined with in stringent astrological principle.


For Professional we take P(Position) A (Aspect)C (Conjunction) of these houses and lord of these houses with 10th house or Lord of the 10th house.


a. 3rd House – Artistic talent, Creative thoughts, Hobby
b. 5th House– Creative Skills
c. 6thHouse – Gifted Artist, 2nd from 5th of creativity while being creative & artistic approach including with the obstacles of life.
d. 8th House – Secret Research, Sudden Gain
e. 9th House – Add-on Education
f. 11th House – Fulfillment of desire, ability to enjoy art
g. 12th House – Karma Kshetra – 10th from 3rd house


a. Mars – Karka of 3rd house / Bhava, skill, Tool, Cut & Paste Technique.
b. Venus – Art is denoted by Venus; Artist Planet, Promotes Creativity
c. Moon- Creative Planet
d. Mercury – Intellectual Work
e. Jupiter- Create Abundance Aura
f. Rahu- Mystique, Modern Objective, Illusion

Combination of planets posted together.

a. Saturn-Mars – Self Defense, Self Confidence
b. Saturn-Moon- This conjunction is also known as Nishthaurbashi Yoga, Result of these combinations: Do better to achieve more, Refinement & Accuracy,
Detached, Practical approach, Depression, Hardwork.
c. Moon-Mars- Also known as Chandra Mangal yoga, Results of which are Hardworking, Highly intelligent, Creative Pursuit, Praised, Successful in life.


Dasha of 3,5,6,9,11 lord (most of the horoscope which I studied the dasha of 6th house give the direction to restart the career in paintings, as these artist primary profession isn’t painting. They were artist who took a break and then re started this as a career.)

Artist Ability Sign

Taurus, Libra, Leo – Artist talent

Sun, Moon or Venus falling in these signs make an artist more powerful in imagination and their approach, or if these signs are in 10th house.

(80% of the horoscope of the artists which I studied have this)

Divisional Charts

Along with Birth chart, it is important to see the above principles in D9 (Navamsa) and D10 (Dasamsa).

Please note I studied more then 10 horoscopes of different artist and these parameters were applied in every chart including the chart of Pablo Picasso. However, I saw that Maha Dasha/Antar Dasha/Priantar Dasha of 6th House/ 6thLord/ PAC of a planet to 6th house/ 6th lord made a shift in their career and they shifted back to Art for a Career.

I choose to research on artist as a career because of two reasons-

  1. Modern world is changing, now people are shifting towards career influenced by extra circular activities such as designing, painting, cooking and more.
  2. To support the upcoming artists, most of them self taught. These artists express their emotions, thoughts, imagination, their inner world to us. They make us feel connected to them and to our ongoing life calming us. THIS IS THE INICITATIVE TO PROMOTE TRULY EXCELLENT ARTIST.

Please click the link below of these artist’s work and their social media website, feel free to connect them.

The Astrological explanations of some horoscopes are given in the link below:

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