Coronavirus death toll mounts to 426 in China

Hubei (China), February 4, 2020: The
death toll from coronavirus in China’s
Hubei province rose to 426 on Tuesday,
RT reported citing Chinese state TV.

The confirmed cases of coronavirus in
China have now surged past 20,000.
The virus was diagnosed first in
December in Wuhan, the capital of
Hubei province and has spread to most
parts of the world.

As the virus spread, Beijing faced global
isolation with neighboring countries like
North Korea Russia, Mongolia closing
its borders with China.

China has imposed quarantine and
travel restrictions, affecting the
movement of 56 million people in more
than a dozen cities, amid fears that the
transmission rate will accelerate as
hundreds of millions of Chinese travel
for the Lunar New Year.

Health authorities around the world are
taking action to prevent a global
pandemic as the virus continues to
spread, with cases reported in Australia,
France, the United States and sever
Asian countries besides China.

Author: sarkarimirror