Delhi power consumers’ number up 71.92% in 10 years

New Delhi, Feb 25 In the last 10 years, power purchase in Delhi has grown 55.38 per cent and the number of electricity consumers 71.92 per cent, according to the Economic Survey Report of 2018-19 tabled in the Delhi Assembly, here on Saturday.

“The total power purchase in Delhi has grown by 55.38 per cent during the last 10 years. The power purchase has increased from 32,744 MU in 2010-11 to 38,510 MU in 2017-18,” it said.

Between 2010-11 and 2017-18, the number of electricity consumers increased from 40.47 lakh to 57.55 lakh, according to the report.

“The peak demand increased from 4,720 MW in 2010-11 to 6,526 MW in 2017-18,” it said.

Presented by Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, the report said distribution of electricity to various categories of consumers increased from 19,758 million units in 2010-11 to 26,830 million units in 2017-18.

“While 25.76 per cent of power is sourced from own generation by the Delhi government Power Plants, 74.24 per cent is purchased from the central government and other sources,” the Economic Survey said.

Delhi has already achieved 100 per cent electrification. “Delhi, being an urban place with high load density, has seen electricity consumption increasing from 25,581 MUs in 2010-11 to 31,874 MUs in 2017-18,” it said.

According to the report, Delhi has unique load pattern and peak load problem due to predominant share of domestic consumption and extreme weather conditions. The power sector of Delhi is different from other states. While other states suffer power deficit, Delhi has tied up surplus power to cater to the increasing demand and peak load.

The power establishment after unbundling of Delhi Vidyut Board is shared by generation companies — Indraprastha Power Generation Company Limited (IPGCL) and Pragati Power Corporation Limited (PPCL), transmission by Delhi Transco Limited, and five Discoms (BYPL, BRPL, TPDDL, NDMC and 

Author: sarkarimirror