Iran favours talks if US lifts sanctions, says President Rouhani

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Iranian President Hassan
Rouhani yesterday said that
Tehran favours talks with the
US if it lifts sanctions against
the country

Rouhani said Iran favours
talks and negotiations if the
US really wants to talk, before
anything else it should lift all

Tensions between Iran and
the US have been rising since
US President Donald Trump
unilaterally withdrew the US
from the nuclear deal in May
2018 and began imposing
sanctions on Iran.

Meanwhile, the US
Ambassador on Disarmament
Robert Wood said, Iran simply
needs to make up its mind to
decide what it wants to do

Wood said, the US President
has already shown his
willingness to sit down and
have a discussion with Iran
but US authorities are not
sure that Iran wants to have
that discussion

Author: sarkarimirror