Niki Poonacha elected as player member to ITF Men’s player panels

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The International Tennis Federation has declared the list of players, who chose for the ITF World Tennis Tour Player Panels. India’s Niki Poonacha is elected as player member to ITF World Tennis Tour Player Men’s panels. The Men’s and Women’s Panel will be headed by Mark Woodforde and Mary Pierce respectively who are the athlete representatives on the ITF board of directors.

Poonacha is chosen as one of players Asia/Oceania locale with a second-most noteworthy number of votes (62) among all challenging players. Ti Chen from Taipei with 14 votes is the second player from Asia/Oceania district. An aggregate of 576 finished polling forms was gotten for the 13 players who participated in the political race from locales Europe, Asia/Oceania, South America, North and Central America,Caribbean.

Men’s Tennis Panel:

Notwithstanding Niki and Ti Chen, the individuals from the Men’s tennis board incorporate Juan Pablo Paz and Jose Bendeck speaking to South America, Aldin Sektic and Francesco Vilardo speaking to Europe.

Women’s Tennis Panel:

The Women’s board incorporates, Akgul Amanmuradova of Uzbekistan and Olivia Tjandramulia of Australia representing Asia Oceania, Ines Ibbou of Algeria representing Africa, Petra Januskova of Canada representing North and Central America Caribbean, Yuliana Lizarazo of Colombia representing South America and Tara Moore of Great Britain and Conny Perrin of Switzerland representing Europe.

Author: sarkarimirror