Actor Khushbu Sundar Says She Too Wanted To End Her Life

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HYDERABAD: Actor Khushbu Sundar on Monday responded over the suicide of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput.through a series of tweets in her Twitter handle and said that she even wanted to end her life due to depression but managed to get out of it. Khushbu said that she had never met Sushant Singh Rajput, but she can feel his pain.

The actress expressed her grief over the extreme step taken by the Sushant, and she even said that he has taken a wrong decision which will hurt his family and fans forever.

Speaking about depression, the actress said that she had gone through the phase of depression and once wanted to end her life but she managed to get out of the depression with a stronger determination.

Khushbu even said that everyone goes through depression in their life at one stage or the other. If one says one had never gone through depression that would be a lie, said Khushbu.

The actress told that once she wanted to end all. But, she managed to fight the demons as she wanted to prove that she is stronger than those who make attempts to fail her, and for those who waited for her end.

Khushi said that her friends helped her a lot to get out of the depression and she called them ‘angels’ who helped her during her tough times.

She said that she never had the fear of failure as she had guts to fight back and turn all her failure into a success and reach to a winning point with courage

Author: sarkarimirror